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Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat: The Eternal Love Saga Of Karan Khanna and Tripura Nagrajan

Jessica David

April 15, 2020

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There’s no doubt about Karan and Tipsy being made for each other. Through ups and downs, destiny is writing their epic love story for three seasons.

On air since 24 March 2020 on Zee TV, the romantic-drama series Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat has won the audience’s heart once again. Starring Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar as the lead couple Karan-Tipsy, the serial has been running for three seasons, with a dozen of exciting twists and turns. Going from enemies to friends, lovers to a married couple, parents to separation, and now on their way to reunion, Karan and Tipsy have been through it all! Take a look at the romantic and interesting journey of the soulmates.

Watch the latest episode of Season 3 here:

Dr Tripurasundari Nagrajan aka Tipsy entered superstar Karan Khanna’s life as his de-addiction counsellor. They met at the rehabilitation centre where Tipsy worked. Karan was a divorced alcoholic but Tipsy came to declutter his messed up life. She was like a warm breeze that soothed Karan’s troubled soul. Karan fondness for Tipsy, gradually changed into the love that blossomed on their trip to Mahabaleshwar. Karan went against his ex-wife Radhika to stand up for Tipsy.

Though Tipsy was also in love with Karan, she lived in denial of her feelings. While uniting her sister, Sharda aka Sherry and her best friend, Vishal, Karan and Tipsy came closer to each other. Amid the complications of Karan’s superstardom, alcoholism, ex-marriage, and responsibilities, Tipsy had decided to walk away from Karan’s life. Tipsy was also hindered by the come-back of her toxic ex-boyfriend Palash. But, destiny had made more beautiful plans for both of them.

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat S3 E1
Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat – Season 3 Episode 1

Tipsy had fled to Vienna in Austria to numb herself to the feelings that she had for Karan. After three months of desperately searching, Karan finally found her and, in front of a large crowd at Sherry and Vishal’s wedding, Karan confessed his love for Tipsy and asked for her hand in marriage from Amma and Chetti. Prior to that, Karan had proposed Tipsy with a cute pink plastic ring when they were stranded on the highway. Well, Karan and Tipsy get married and hope to start a family.

But catastrophe hits their life when Karan meets with a terrible accident. Things go south when Tipsy drifts away from Karan because of his suspicious attitude. Five years later, Tipsy has a 4-year old daughter, Piya (who Tipsy lovingly calls Phiu) but doesn’t live with Karan. They had parted ways long back and Tipsy had moved to Bangalore. Karan’s alcoholism has relapsed but his stardom has gone off the roof. But even after five years, trying to bring them back together through Piya, love hasn’t given up on them yet!

To unravel more about their eternal love saga, watch all the episodes of Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, streaming on ZEE5!

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