Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Karan Requests Tipsy To Stay

In tonight’s episode of Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, Karan pushes Tipsy to quit and go but when she leaves, he goes behind Tipsy to stop her!


March 27, 2020


2 min


The first episode shows the similarities of the character Tipsy and Karan. Both are alone and busy in their professional lives. Tipsy doesn’t like Karan Kapoor because of his arrogance nature. Tipsy’s friend sherry asks her to do something different in her life because her life is monotonous. On the other hand, Karan’s publicist suggests him to take his career seriously.

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Karan all set to sign the contract but the director says before he signs the film he has to sign a de-addiction program or else he cannot have this movie. Karan’s assistant suggests him to go ahead and sign.

Whereas, Tipsy denied taking the case of Karan Khanna because of his arrogance. But her senior doctor insists her to take as she is a trusted doctor. Also, she has a 100% success rate. Later, Sherry suggests her to take the case because it would help her to buy a house and bring her mother too.

Finally, Tipsy accepts the case of Karan Khanna and goes to his home to start the program. She begins her session. But Karan insults Tipsy and calls her an aunty. Tipsy tries to bear with him but couldn’t. She quits and walks off. Seeing this, Karan’s publicist asks Karan to stop her as it could ruin his image. Karan goes behind her and stops here. Also, requests her to start the session again.

Let’s watch tomorrow, if she starts all over again with him.

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