Karnataka Colleges Reopen Partially With Proper COVID Precautions

Karnataka colleges partially open for a few courses with proper COVID-related guidelines. Have a look at how the colleges have been functioning in such difficult times.

Sania Kader

November 18, 2020

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Colleges in Karnataka partially opened up on Tuesday even with the spiking COVID 19 cases in the country. Students of final year under-graduation and post-graduation programmes were allowed to appear in the college premises while following proper COVID-related rules and regulations. According to the students, they were also asked to get tested for Coronavirus before the official reopening dates. Campuses have been following proper guidelines to keep the space safe for students and faculty members, while also keeping it thinly populated at all times. The success of this reopening phase will also decide whether the colleges can function at a 100% occupancy in the future.

Have a look at the ZEE5 video with all details related to the reopening of colleges in Karnataka here:

Karnataka colleges partially reopened for final year students of some courses. The video showcases how the students had been asked to maintain proper social distance while wearing facemasks and gloves. Faculty members are seen carrying out proper sanitisation process to keep the students safe. Karnataka has reported 26,122 active cases with 11,541 deaths, so far.

One of the students from Bangalore college spoke about how the new normal has been affecting the learning processes. He said stated that he was there to give an exam and said, “It has been a long time and since it was a new platform for us to learn, so it took us time to really adjust with the online platform but then let us see how it goes, the exam. Our preparation has been the best, as we can.” The young man was also asked about the items that the students have been carrying to give their exams with utmost safety. He said that he has been carrying a facemask and a hand sanitizer, that is all.

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Another student from Bangalore spoke shed some light on how the faculty has been pulling off exams in such a condition. She said, “They took our COVID tests on Friday and we got our results as well. Before entering the exam, they have given certain instructions which have to be followed.”

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