Kareena Kapoor’s Son Taimur Yells At The Paps, Netizen Slam Bebo While Calling Tim ‘Mannerless’

If a tiny little boy starts screaming at people gathered, it is always the mother who gets blamed. Taimur and Kareena Kapoor are no different



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Taimur has been the apple of everyone’s eye since the moment he was born. He was the one who made star-kid paparazzi a thing in B-town. He has dedicated social media pages for himself, and a fan-following that is at par with the biggest celebrities around. Yet, recently when the paps tried clicking his little brother Jeh’s photographs, Taimur got very angry with them.

The little boy was caught on camera yelling at the paparazzi ‘hatto hatto’, ‘move, move’. He kept asking them to leave and got pretty agitated. While his mother and nurses, quickly ushered him away, it was enough to get the paps and more so, the trolls upset.

“No sanskar on how to behave with elders and give respect to them…”, “Check the attitude”, “Mannerless”, “The kid should learn these things right now, else Kareena and Saif will face the consequences of it…” some trolls were upset that Kareena Kapoor is never seen wearing a mask. It was obvious that the netizens were too irritated by their conduct and where looking too deep into the outburst of the tiny 5year old kid. The trolls went on and on giving the couple and Kareena particularly a very hard time.

It is known to all that Taimur’s intense popularity made Kareena and Saif too cautious about their second son Jehangir’s public exposure. Trying to keep his private life, private, the couple has gone through a lot to ensure the paps don’t expose too much of Jeh.

However, it looks like Taimur has picked on the couple’s anxiety over the paps. The child who used to talk to the paps and even pose for them, making faces and what not, is now yelling at the same people. Some where the scales have tipped and the whole equation has changed.

Wonder how Saif Ali Khan would be reacting to this outburst. The actor has confessed that reading some comments where trolls have attacked celebrities and even threatened the stars, leave him very worked up. Looks like this incident will leave the Omkara star restless for a while.

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