Karbhari Laybhari: Kanchan Gets Jealous of Rajveer’s Popularity; Here’s What She Might Do To Ruin His Political Career

With Karbhari Laybhari’s vamp feeling jealous of Rajveer’s increasing popularity, here is what she can do to sabotage his political career.

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December 23, 2020



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All the fans of Karbhari Laybhari know that Kanchan would do anything to ensure Rajveer never fulfils his dreams. In a recent episode, we witnessed how Kanchan felt jealous about Rajveer’s increasing popularity in the village. She is a despicable woman and will certainly not tolerate anyone stepping over her. Here is what we think she can do to sabotage his political career:

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1. Play the ‘promise to Sunanda’ card

Seeing Rajveer’s increasing popularity, Kanchan might manipulate Rajvir’s mother Sunanda into thinking that he is following his late father’s career footsteps that got him killed. Fearing for her son’s safety, impressionable Sunanda is likely to remind Rajveer of the promise he gave her about never joining politics.

2. Involve Ankush Rao

Ankush Rao already hates Rajveer and would want to get rid of anyone who is fit to be his competition. If Kanchan were to tip Ankush Rao regarding Rajveer’s plan of joining politics, he will surely try to get Rajveer out of his way and further cement his position in politics.

3. Take help from Shona 

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If Kanchan and Shona were to join hands, that could be a grave problem for Rajveer. Shona has taken a liking for Rajveer and would do anything to get all of his attention, even if it means getting in the way of his budding career.

4. Overload him with work 

Kanchan already treats Rajveer like a slave and burdens him with a lot of work. Rajveer being the staunch man he is does all of the work assigned to him dutifully. If Kanchan were to increase his workload, Rajveer is most likely to prioritize that over his career.

5. Rope in Priyanka 

Kanchan knows that Priyanka is Rajveer’s weakness. If she weaves a plan to put him in a position where he has to choose between Priyanka or politics, he is most likely to choose his lady love.

Which of the above-listed things do you think Kanchan will opt for?

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