Karan Singh Chhabra’s #Lungichallenge on HiPi is all the fun you need!

Show the world that you are a HiPiStar on India’s very own short video making platform HiPi!

Tom Francis

September 11, 2020


1 min


Are you ready to be India’s next superstar? If you are a budding artist or a content creator wanting to show the world your special talent, HiPi is your shot at stardom! If you are out of ideas for making your fun stories to share with the world, you can follow some of the most popular celebrities on HiPi and take up their challenges! Here is State of Siege 26/11 actor  Karan Singh Chhabra showing you how to tie the lungi in style with his new challenge on HiPi!

Watch State of Siege 26/11 below:

Are you guys ready for the #lungichallenge? Check out the fun HiPi challenge from Karan Singh Chhabra here:

Karan’s hilarious way of tying the lungi is leaving us all in splits! So are you guys ready to take up the #Lungichallenge? Head on to ZEE5 HiPi now and participate in this fun challenge to show us your lungi tying skills!

What did you guys think of Karan Singh Chhabra‘s impressive lungi tying style? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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