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Kapil Sharma Spills Beans On His Rejection Story; THIS Is What Made Him Host A Comedy Show


January 1, 2022

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Kapil Sharma is one of the most renowned personalities and has hosted several episodes of his comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show. The comedian recently opened up about his struggle

Kapil Sharma, the king of humour, is Aziz’s heart. Everyone wants to promote their film by appearing on Kapil Sharma’s show, whether it’s the largest station or a major Bollywood actor. Or, if we state that we get to hear anecdotes about Bollywood celebs’ personal lives via Kapil’s programme, we won’t be incorrect either. Imagine Kapil, who has so much fear in this field, wishes to join a programme. Will someone trust him if he is rejected? No, but this is due to Kapil’s weight.

Kapil, who earned a name for himself with a comedy show, had never considered producing one. Rather, he had come to the Colors office for another reason. This was revealed by Kapil Sharma in an interview. Kapil stated that he went to Colors’ headquarters but was called there as the show’s host. When he inquired about the performance, the comic informed him that he will be sharing the stage alongside Manish Paul in ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.’ If he is overweight, he should reduce weight first, to which he listened and stated these ideas to the channel people.

The channel then responded that it was alright and that they will lose weight later, but at the same time, Kapil Sharma suggested that they create a comedy programme. They requested him for a synopsis of the programme, but he didn’t have any ideas, so Kapil Sharma requested him for more time and he returned home. When the host returned home, he pondered what he was excellent at. Then Kapil Sharma had the inspiration to create this programme.

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Kapil went on to say that the channel appreciated his proposal as well and that after some time, this project got approval, and in this way, the programme went on, and the spectators liked it very much.  2 years of Kapil’s programme Colors had previously been the life and soul of the channel, however owing to a split with the channel, the show was taken off the air. Kapil subsequently returned to Sony TV under a new name and became one of Sony’s most popular programmes since.

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