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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Bheekh’ Remark Irks Freedom Fighter Lilabai Chitale; Urges PM Narendra Modi To Take Strict Actions Against Manikarnika Actress


November 17, 2021

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Kangana Ranaut’s statement was publicly denounced as an act of treason by 91-year-old freedom fighter Lilaba Chitale, who urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against the actress to put an end to this kind of reasoning

Kangana Ranaut has faced backlash from Indian citizens ever since she made a divisive statement about India’s independence in 1947. She claimed that the freedom gained by India in 1947 was given to the country as ‘alms’ handout by the British. While Kangana continues to face criticism for her remark about ‘bheekh,’ 91-year-old freedom fighter Lilaba Chitale has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against the actress.Lilabai stated in Marathi that her name is Leela Chitale and that Kangana’s statement was an act of treason. She has been alive for 91 years. She recently heard on the news that a woman named Kangana Ranaut stated that the country gained freedom in ‘bheekh.’ The woman has also been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She felt uneasy after seeing that, and she was furious about it. She spent a day in jail when she was 12 because Gandhiji had asked them to boycott English education.

She went on to say that people like them who toiled for it, the sacrifice of the people they saw and experienced, when this woman says that this country got freedom in exchange for alms, she became enraged. She strongly opposes this statement. She also requested that our esteemed Prime Minister declare that he should have given her some wisdom. She is not requesting that he imprison her, but she should be forced to understand. Respected Prime Minister, you must inform the country that this is treason. What will the youth think if they are told that we have freedom in exchange for alms? What is the country’s future? So that this way of thinking does not spread, action should be taken against her.

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Kangana was speaking at a media summit when she made the contentious statement that India only gained true freedom in 2014. Several politicians have demanded an apology from her, as well as an appeal to revoke her recently conferred Padma Shri award, claiming that her remarks insult the sacrifice of all freedom fighters who have given their lives for the country. reportedly, the actress has defended herself and stated that if she is proven wrong, she will return her Padma Shri.

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