Kangana Ranaut to reprise the role of Seetha opposite Prabhas?

If rumours are to be believed, actress Kangana Ranaut has expressed the desire to reprise the role of Seetha opposite Prabhas



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All of this is happening when there is talk of Prabhas, the pan-India star, playing Lord Rama in his upcoming film Adhipurush, directed by Om Raut. However, the gorgeous Kriti Sanon was chosen to play his Seetha in that film. Nevertheless, the buzz in the town is that Kangana Ranaut seems to be in discussions to play Seetha.

The buzz

Kangana Ranaut recently revealed in an interview that she wants to work with Prabhas again following the success of Ek Niranjan. Prabhas has already portrayed Lord Rama in Om Raut’s magnum opus Adipurush, and now we have to wait and watch if he would reprise the role for Prabhas. With Prabhas and Kangana co-starring in Ek Niranjan, it’s tempting to speculate who Kangana’s Rama is now.

Kangana Ranaut bought a style of epic fantasy movies after starring in Manikarnika, and she or he is presently working on a full-fledged mythology film. According to speculations, renowned novelist VIjayendra Prasad has now written a story for Kangana dubbed ‘Seetha,’ and the film will be shot in the Lava-Kusa style, with the entire drama focusing around Goddess Sita’s figure from the Ramayana.

Kangana’s future endavours

After winding up her current commitments, the actress may move forward with this project and will focus on her role from the Ramayana. Rangoon actress will join the sets of the mythical drama after concluding her current duties. Vijayendra Prasad added.

Even Kangana Ranaut stated during Thalavi’s promotions that Vijayendra Prasad has delivered this, but that the project’s writing plan is still in progress. Many wonders who might be cast as Rama in this famous project, although the actress will almost probably not choose a leading guy for the role, considering that she is the film’s main protagonist.

Meanwhile, Kangana’s Thalaivi, the biopic of Tamil celebrity and former CM, late Jayalalitha is hitting cinemas today. The film, directed by AL Vijay, stars Aravind Swamy in the role of MGR, and we’ll have to wait and see how Tamil and Telugu audiences react to it.

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