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Kangana Ranaut Condemns Maharashtra Government, Asks ‘How Many Necks Will They Strangle?’

Mamta Raut

November 5, 2020

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Kangana Ranaut slams Maharashtra Government once again on Twitter for the arrest of Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami.

Republic TV Chief Editor Arnab Goswami was arrested on Wednesday, November 4 from his Mumbai residence citing connection with a suicide case of architect Anvay Naik and his mother in 2018. Although the case was shut under the previous government, it was recently reopened again. Amid this, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has extended support to the journalist and condemned Maharashtra Government yet again.

Kangana took to Twitter to claim that the Maharashtra government is trying to subdue their voices. She further added that many great warriors in the past had to go through similar hardships for protecting ‘free speech’ and independence. The actor suggested the journalist to stand tall while they are trying to pull him down. In the video shared, she says, “I want to ask Maharashtra government that today you went to Arnab Goswami’s home, pulled his hair and assaulted him. How many homes will you demolish and how many necks will you strangle? How many hair will you pull? Sonia Sena, how many voices will you stop?  These voices will only increase. They have been many who have been hanged for free speech.”

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In another tweet, Kangana further targeted the Congress government by calling them names like ‘Sonia Sen’, ‘pappurao’ & ‘baby penguins’. She went on to ask, ‘Why do they get angry’. Check out her statement below:

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Kangana Ranaut wasn’t the only one who came in support of Arnab Goswami. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also shared how the Congress party and their allies have ‘shamed democracy’. The politician articulated that the arrest of Arnab Goswami was a misuse of power and a direct attack on the ‘4th pillar of democracy’.

“Congress and its allies have shamed democracy once again. Blatant misuse of state power against Republic TV & Arnab Goswami is an attack on individual freedom and the 4th pillar of democracy. It reminds us of the Emergency. This attack on the free press must be and WILL BE OPPOSED.”

A court in Alibaug has reportedly rejected police’s demand for 14-day custody. Along with it, they have also dismissed Arnab’s allegation of being physically assaulted during the arrest. The Bombay High Court will today hear Arnab Goswami’s petition of striking off the case and only then the investigation’s route will be unveiled.

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