Kanchana 3 Trailer: 5 Details In Raghava Lawrence’s Latest Film We’re Eagerly Waiting For

Sneha Bale

August 24, 2019


1 min

1. Detailed to design

It’s an interesting time for all the fans of horror, horror-comedies and more importantly, of Raghava Lawrence. The man himself is back with yet another film in the Kanchana franchise. As we count moments until we watch the film, we took a look at the trailer and found some interesting details that have made the wait longer and sweeter.

In the first few seconds of the trailer, we see an aerial view of the streets. The people around have gathered in the shape of figure ‘eight’. Not more has been disclosed further, but we’re sure there is a deeper meaning to it – given Lawrence’s inclination towards symbolism.

2. The good old ghost-possession

The trademark of the Kanchana film franchise is the good old concept of possession by a ghost. Most others may call it a concept that’s done to death, but this man has a way of bringing some newness to it. This time too, the ghost seems darker and stronger than before.

3. Getting the scares right

A horror film is no good if it becomes predictable. That’s what we found interesting in the Kanchana 3 trailer. We see shots and scenes that prepare us for ‘something to come’. But when it does, we’re taken by a blow.

4. Gore and action

Here’s something that may not be a cup of tea for everyone. But it works wonders for most. Horror does not need ghosts or spirits. Like, in Muni, the actor made eating food look scary – that’s Raghava Lawrence for you. But Kanchana 3 seems to be going the extra mile with gore. There’s some action again but it’s not between the protagonist and the ghost. It’s between people and Kabir Singh Duhan returns to the Telugu screen as the bad man once again.

5. A story within a story OR an age-old reference

A lesser spoken-about fact is that all of the Kanchana films have some or the other way of bringing women to its centre. Not once but twice we see the deity of the goddess and another time we hear a man calling out to the goddess. This makes us sure that there is surely some mythological twist or reference in the film.

Check out more horror comedies like Anando Brahma on ZEE5 and don’t forget to catch the world digital premiere of Kanchana 3 on August 23, 2019.

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