Kamli Ishq Di: Is Preeto An Evil Character Or Is She Just Misunderstood?

Today, we take a closer look at Preeto and discuss whether she’s truly evil or is it the circumstances that make her one.


May 28, 2020


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The Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di has left a deep impact on viewers for its superlative storytelling and relatable concept. The story about Deshveer’s (Jashn Kohli) struggle to achieve his dream has struck a chord with the youth. What has also made the show a success are its intriguing characters. Apart from Deshveer, there is the fireball Mahi (Shehnaz Saher), cunning Lalli masi (Kavita Sharma), supportive Nimrat (Ritika) and the evil Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazm). Today we take a closer look at Preeto and what makes her such a twisted character.

Watch how Preeto’s mistake will create chaos in Deshveer’s life:

Who Is Preeto?

Preeto is Lalli’s niece, whose parents died when she was very young and as a result, Lalli took up the responsibility of taking care of her. Interestingly, the place at which Lalli is staying with her family and that hosts their dhaba actually belongs to Preeto. Lalli has made it seem to Preeto that Veer (Deshveer) will marry her someday. Hence, Preeto keeps dreaming of their D-day and is willing to go to any extent to make the same happen.

Kamalpreet Nazm as Preeto (Source: ZEE5)

Why Does Lalli Want Veer And Preeto To Get Married?

Preeto is a rich girl, and as a result, Lalli wants her property to be shared within the family instead of with a stranger. Therefore, she wants Preeto to settle down with her nephew Deshveer. That way, she can keep enjoying the perks of being the landlady.

Kamalpreet Nazm aka Preeto and Kavita Sharma aka Lalli (Source: ZEE5)

What Makes Preeto Questionable?

There is no doubt that Preeto is jealous of Mahi. She can’t stand the fact that Deshveer and Mahi share a connection. Since Preeto grew up with the dream of marrying Deshveer, she can do anything for him. Lalli too can’t bear Mahi and somewhere fears that she and Deshveer might be attracted to each other. Thus, she keeps planning to make their life miserable and convinces Preeto to support her. When Deshveer was unable to collect money for securing admission in the Armed Forces, Preeto stole Lalli’s jewellery (which actually belonged to Deshveer’s mother) and sold it to Lucky.

Preeto in a scene from Kamli Ishq Di (Source: ZEE5)

Is Preeto A Bad Person? 

No! She is just way too naive when it comes to understanding people’s ulterior motives. Preeto can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that people take advantage of her. Even though Lalli and Preeto often scheme against Veer and Mahi, that doesn’t make Preeto equally responsible. She just wants Deshveer in her life, no matter what. When Mahi tried to take her money for her badaam from Lalli, Preeto accidentally exposed Lalli’s hera-pheri . In another instance, when Veer and Lalli accused Preeto of stealing jewellery, Sundi took charge to clear things out. As a result, Preeto got really upset with Lalli and Deshveer.

Preeto and Veer (Source: ZEE5)

It’s a given that Preeto will do whatever possible to win Deshveer’s trust. The sad part is that if Deshveer rejects Preeto for Mahi, she will be heartbroken. What’s your take on this? Do let us know in the comments section.

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