Kamli Ishq Di: Do You Have These 5 ‘Qualities’ Of Preeto In You?


June 23, 2020


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1. Overly helpful

A Punjabi TV show like Kamli Ishq Di has many characters who stand out. Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazm) is one such character.  We have given you an overview of Preeto and her intentions. Now let’s see how many of her qualities you can find in yourself.

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Trying to be helpful is good, but we have to see that we don’t cross limits just to help others. Preeto loves Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and for him, she can do anything… bas yehi toh fasti hai humari Preeto. When Deshveer needs money to enlist in the armed forces, Preeto steals Lalli’s jewellery, sells it to Lucky, and gives the money to Deshveer. Ab usse yeh kahan pata tha ki woh jewellery actually Deshveer ki ma ki nishani hai. So, while helping others, we must first see whether helping them is in our power. It is better to use one’s own resources rather than committing a folly which might lead to bigger problems in the future.

2. The cry baby

Aacha ho ya bura, sahi ho ya galat, Preeto is always ready to cry a river. Preeto gets disturbed easily. Whenever she feels that she’s at a disadvantage, the first thing she says is, “Hai main bechari kis thaan di.” Whenever Deshveer rebuffs her or Mahi and Deshveer come close, or her favourite aunt Lalli (Kavita Sharma) scolds her, she is instantly moved to tears and you feel pity for her. Similarly, if you also have a habit of crying at every little thing, there is a hidden Preeto in you.

3. Easily manipulated

Preeto can be manipulated easily and Lalli is an expert at manipulating her. Somewhere inside, Preeto knows that Deshveer isn’t interested in her, but Lalli keeps Preeto’s feelings for Deshveer alive. Preeto falls into the traps set by Lalli or Sundi and ends up with her foot in her mouth. So if you usually do the things people ask you to without question, you might be more like Preeto than you think!

4. The jealous jalkukdi

Oh yeah! Preeto is a big jalkukdi. Preeto envies Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) and every other person who tries to come between her and Deshveer. Being protective is one thing and being over-protective or possessive is not something to be aspired to. If you are overly protective about someone, might as well relax a little before you turn into a jalkukdi like Preeto!

5. Don't be a simpleton

If you have all the ‘qualities’ mentioned above, then we are sorry to say this, but you’re a simpleton just like Preeto. Preeto is a simpleton, she can be manipulated easily, she puts her faith in anyone, she doesn’t know whom to trust. But sooner or later, Preeto will definitely understand her mistakes. We can only hope that someday Preeto will understand her aunt’s true intentions.

So, if you have any of these qualities, we suggest you introspect and make the necessary changes. Warna kahi aapka bhi haal Preeto jaisa na ho jaye. What are your thoughts about Preeto? Let us know in the comment section below.

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