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Kamli Ishq Di: Do you have a Lucky around you? Here’s how to find out


August 10, 2020

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Lucky is the biggest obstacle in Deshveer’s life. Read on to know how to identify the Lucky near you.

The Zee Punjabi serial Kamli Ishq Di deals with Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi’s (Shehnaz Saher) struggles. Both are fighting their own battles and facing challenges with a brave face. Apart from fate, there is a person who connects them, or you can say, makes their life difficult — Lucky (Mehakdeep Singh). Lucky is responsible for creating havoc in Deshveer and Mahi‘s lives. Here are the characteristics that might help you identify–and stay away from–a person like Lucky.

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1. Too Proud Of Your Father’s Achievements

Mehakdeep Singh as Lucky (Source: ZEE5)

A father is his child’s first superhero. One should always cherish and be proud of one’s father, but not like Lucky. Lucky is brashly arrogant about the fact that his father is the village’s Sarpanch. This gives him permission to do whatever he wants to. Lucky always rubs people the wrong way and warns them about the consequences of going against the Sarpanch’s son. Lucky doesn’t have his own identity; people know him because of his father. So if you know a person who keeps showing off and saying, ‘Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?’, then that is the arrogant Lucky in your life.

2. Being No Good

Lucky trying hard to communicate in English (Source: ZEE5)

Lucky doesn’t only brag about his father; he is super proud to brag about his terrible English as well. But Lucky is unaffected by criticism. He keeps on talking to people in English and trying to show-off. The person who says ‘Nature’ as ‘Naaturey’ and ‘Excitement as Assessment‘ and then brags about it is clearly good for nothing.

3. Having A Chamcha 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

The only person who can understand Lucky and stand his English is Sundi (Deepak Upadhyay). As Mahi says, Lucky should get married to Sundi, because only he can tolerate him. This duo of master-servant often give us laughs. So if you also see your friend or colleague is always accompanied by a ‘Yes Man’ then that’s the duo of Lucky and Sundi around you.

4. The Dubious Dramebaaz 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Lucky is big-time, two-faced dramebaaz. Lucky tries to be bossy with Mahi and Deshveer, but he acts humble and innocent in front of Mahi’s mother Asha and Deshveer’s uncle Sukhdev and aunt Lalli. Hanging around with such a dubious person can be dangerous. Such a person can make you fall into their trap and you might be blamed for something they did!

So these are some traits of a person like Lucky. Do you agree with our list? Check out other stories about Kamli Ishq Di here.

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