Kamli Ishq Di BTS Fun: Check out how Preeto got fooled by Lalli Massi on set!

Kamli Ishq Di’s Preeto is fond of playing pranks on her co-stars. But it seems that she can’t outrun Lalli Massi. Read on to know the behind-the-scene fun.


September 23, 2020


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Kamli Ishq Di‘s Preeto aka Kamalpreet Nazm is a prankster. She loves pulling pranks on her co-stars and making a joke out of it. However, this time she failed! Any guesses why? Well, the reason is Lalli Massi aka Kavita Sharma!

Before moving ahead, watch the latest episode of Kamli Ishq Di here:

Kamalpreet and her selfie prank

Remember we shared videos of Kamalpreet pulling a prank on Ritika (Nimmo)? She fooled her by making her think that she is posing for a picture, but actually she was taking a video! Check this out.

Source: ZEE5

Yeah, she repeated the same prank, but with a different target, Kavita Sharma. But, to her surprise Kavita didn’ let her prank succeed. Just look at the way Kavita grunts when Kamalpreet asks her to pose for a picture. Kavita knew that that Kamalpreet is trying to make a fool out of her. Her eyes put Kamalpreet in a spot and she agreed by saying, “Massi chalaak aa.”

Source: Instagram

Kamalpreet is fond of her girl company, Ritika and Kavita Sharma. Here is another proof of how Kamalpreet nags Kavita. In the video, the lady looks busy dubbing. But Kamalpreet took this as an opportunity, captured the moment, and enjoyed troubling her.

Source: Instagram

Kamalpreet didn’t spare Kavita during her lunch time either. She captured Kavita enjoying food with Ritika and asked Kavita, “Kya kha rahe ho?”. She replied with a song, “Chole bade karare kudiye, chole bade karare.” Even Ritika added her experience into the song and sang, “Bhindiyaan badi karari kudiye, bhindiyaan badi karari.”

Preeto, Lalli, and Nimmo might have their difference on-screen. But off-screen the trio of dames are adorable. Who do you like most in the trio – Lalli, Nimmo, or Preeto? Share this story and your views in the comment section below.

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