Kamli Ishq Di: 6 Times Lucky’s Angrezi Had Us Rolling On The Floor Laughing


May 26, 2020


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1. “N-A-T-U-R-E” Te “B-H-A-T-U-R-E”


The Zee Punjabi serial Kamli Ishq Di’s baddie Lucky Singh (Mahekdeep Singh) is the son of the village’s Sarpanch. However, apart from making Deshveer’s (Jashn Kohli) life miserable, he also creates trouble for others — not by doing anything, but simply by conversing with them in English. People who have to listen to Lucky talk in English are very unlucky. Here are a few instances when Lucky’s unlucky English has had us rolling on the floor laughing.

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The only person who understands Lucky’s English is his loyal chamcha Sundi. One day, Sundi asks him what you call N-A-T-U-R-E? Lucky pronounces as ‘na-too-rey’. Sundi corrects him by saying it as ‘nature’. Lucky slaps him and says that when they were having Chole Bhature and he pronounced B-H-A-T-U-R-E as ‘bha-too-rey’. So now N-A-T-U-R-E is ‘na-too-rey’. Sundi can’t do anything but nod!

2. “Bouquet” Te “Supplementary”


Here, Lucky is carrying a bouquet of roses for Mahi. Sundi tells him to tell Mahi that he has bought this bouquet for her. Lucky stops and say that, “Main Mahi nu bhookey kive kaha?” Lucky further says that he will impress Mahi by telling her that he will change her ‘supplementary’ results. What he actually means to say is that he will change her university results.

3. When Mahi’s “Remembrance” Comes to Lucky


Apologies for such English, but this is actually how Lucky expresses the fact that he misses Mahi. He tells Sundi, “Mahi ji de remembrance is coming to me”. Sundi corrects him by saying that he’s missing Mahi. Further, Lucky describes his dream as, “I will become broom of Mahi”, matlab he will become the groom of the bride.

4. Lucky Is “Theek Karing” Mahi’s Problem


Mahi’s shop starts getting flack for keeping faulty goods. When Lucky finds out about this, he says to Sundi, “I theek karing Mahi’s problemOne idea come to me.” The problem will surely complicate further if Lucky continues to talk like this.

5. Right Ya Bright?


When Sundi gives Lucky an idea to woo Mahi and win her trust, Lucky instantly says, “You’re bright!” Sundi understands that Lucky is saying that he’s right. Another villager comes to see Lucky and when he decides to help him, he says, “I’m very vigorous.” Sundi admits that he couldn’t understand him this time, but he might have meant that he is generous. Bolo aise banege yeh Sarpanch?

6. Unanswerable Assessment


Lucky buys a nice dupatta for Mahi and he pats himself on the back by saying, “My choice have no answer!” (meri choice da jawab nahi). Later, Lucky meets Mahi to invite her for the inauguration of a toll plaza. When Mahi agrees to come, Lucky says, “Lot lot thank you.” Mahi mocks his English and tells him to speak in Punjabi. So Lucky adds, “Oh ji assessment main aa jandi hai.” He means ‘excitement’.

So these are how Lucky blew our minds with his English. Jokes apart, we think Lucky should enrol in Emily’s coaching classes in Vilayti Bhabhi. What do you think of Lucky’s English? Let us know in the comments section below.

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