Kamli Ishq Di: 6 Moments Where Nimrat Saves, Encourages, And Motivates Deshveer


June 30, 2020


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Nimrat The Mind Reader


Every character from the Zee Punjabi serial Kamli Ishq Di is powerful enough to get stamped on the viewers’ minds. Apart from Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher), there are a bunch of characters that actually add more drama or comedy to the scene. One such character is Deshveer’s favourite, the one from whom Deshveer can’t hide anything. She is his friend, philosopher, and guide. She’s none other than his cousin Nimrat aka Nimmo (Ritika). Let’s take a look at some moments where Nimmo took a stand for her brother.

Watch how Nimrat’s love for her brother Veer here:

Here, Deshveer is feeling guilty for not helping Mahi. Deshveer has become Lucky’s bodyguard and Lucky is playing games against Mahi. Deshveer tries to alert Mahi, but she ignores his help. So, a disappointed Deshveer is sulking. Nimrat appears with her father Sukhdev and asks Deshveer to talk about the burden he’s carrying. This advice actually helps Deshveer feel better.

She Can’t Bear To See Deshveer Insulted


Lucky has trapped Deshveer by appointing him as his bodyguard, and he actively looks for instances to insult him. Lucky forces Deshveer to clean his dirty shoes with his hands at his uncle Sukhdev’s dhaba. This hurts Deshveer, but he keeps a straight face. Later in the night, Sukhdev shares this incident with his family. Lalli is not feeling bad for Deshveer, but Nimrat is disgusted on hearing this. Deshveer comes home and heads straight to his room. Nimrat stops him and tells him to quit the job with Lucky instantly. She explains to him that there is no need to hold on to a job where he is not respected.

Nimrat Can Make It Happen


Due to Lalli’s hateful comments, Deshveer decides to sleep without having food. Whenever he sits down to eat, Lalli taunts him for being a useless chap. One day, Nimrat orders him to eat, but he resists. So, Nimrat also decides to skip her own meal. That’s when Deshveer finally agrees to have food with the family.

Nimrat The Motivator


Yes, she is the perfect motivator for Deshveer. Whenever Deshveer feels lost or demotivated, Nimrat fuels him up again to get up and fight back hard. Here, Nimrat is encouraging a demotivated Deshveer who has been fired on the first day of his job.

The One Who Believes In Deshveer


Aur koi yakeen kare na kare, Nimrat ko apne Veer ji pe pura bharosa hai. When Deshveer doubts himself, Nimrat’s words work like magic upon him. Yaha Nimrat Gurudware ke bahar Deshveer ko keh rahi hai ki apni raah par chalo, manzil mil hi jayegi.

The One Who Cares For Deshveer


This is one image that we wanted to put out last because it is a painful sight to watch. Here, Nimrat is crying and asking for Mahi’s help in finding Deshveer. Deshveer has been conned by a so-called agent who can assure him a position in the army. The agent asks for lakhs of rupees as his fees and then runs away with the money. Deshveer also goes missing for a day looking for the man, and this makes Nimrat very worried.

So these are the situations where you can see the bond Nimrat and Deshveer share. Let us know your comment on this bond in the comment section below.

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