Kamli Ishq Di: 5 Things That Make Mahi Aka Shehnaz Saher Such A Fantastic Character


April 21, 2020


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1. Mahi is good at business

Kamli Ishq Di is a Zee Punjabi serial with a sense of freshness. It is neither a mundane love story nor a regular saas-bahu drama. The conflict and the chemistry between the leads, Deshveer (Jashn Singh Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher), the situations are all organic and real. Mahi is not just a girl-next-door. There are other qualities that make her what she is. Here’s a list of our favourites.

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Mahi runs a general store and dreams of seeing her brother as a soldier in the Armed Forces. The whole locality knows about Mahi’s general store, and she is really good at handling the accounts and running the business. Mahi is kind enough to give materials on credit, but when someone fails to pay, Mahi has the guts to go to the debtor’s house and make a scene for her payment. When Aman’s Lalli mami tries to fool Mahi over money matters, she verbally fights with her and proves her accounts to be accurate. When it’s about money, no one can fool Mahi.

2. Mahi is upfront and honest

Another thing that makes Mahi special and different from others is that she is upfront and brutally honest. When it comes to money, she can go and ask for her dues, when it comes to protecting her brother or her family, she can go head-to-head with anyone — be it Veer, his mami, or any other person who tries to harm or malign her own. When Lalli mami tries to play games with Veer, Mahi confronts Veer about his aunt’s intentions. When Veer decides to be Lucky’s bodyguard, Mahi scolds him for taking on such a job and criticises him without any fear.

3. She is brave enough to engage anyone

Yes, Mahi is a true Punjaban — sweet and fiery at the same time. If you behave properly, she will be your best ally. But if you try to outwit her, she will make sure to give you a solid payback. When Mahi cheats in the Kabbadi tournament, Veer exposes her but Mahi says that she did so to prove to him that even girls can play a game like Kabbadi. Then she tells him that after winning his field, she will win his house too. She decides to become a servant of his house for two days and prove her worth. There are multiple occasions where Mahi fearlessly faces challenges and people and emerges as a winner.

4. Mahi has a heart of gold

Mahi looks little rough, rude on the outside, but deep inside, she has a heart of gold. She gives goods and necessities to an elder lady without accepting any money for them. Veer and Mahi have fought many times, but when she sees Veer enslaved to Lucky, she feels bad and expresses her desire to help him.

5. Mahi is smart

Mahi is street smart, jugaadu and cunning. When Veer and her family were facing each other at a tournament, Mahi sabotaged Veer’s bike first. When she saw the other team winning, she cross-dressed as a munda (pretending to be her own distant cousin) and competed with Veer’s team at Kabbadi.

So this was our list to justify Mahi as a beauty with brains. What is the best quality of Mahi aka Shehnaz Saher in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section.

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