Kamli Ishq Di: 5 Moments When Preeto Got Jealous Of Mahi And Veer’s Closeness


May 18, 2020


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1. When Mahi falls on Deshveer

The Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di is the struggle of Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) for his dreams. Deshveer has some supportive people in his life like his cousin sister Nimrat, uncle Sukhdev, and Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazam). If Lalli mami plans against Deshveer, Preeto helps her. Deshveer wants to serve his nation, whereas Preeto wants to settle down with him. Preeto can’t stand Deshveer and Mahi’s bond and she fears that if Deshveer joins the army, he will not marry her. So here we are with the moments when bechari kisi thaan di Preeto gets supremely jealous of Mahi.

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Mahi makes a dabangg entry into the Punjabi TV show and Deshveer’s house and fights with Lalli over the non-payment of badaam she took from Mahi’s store. Mahi takes away vadiyaan from her house and runs away. Deshveer bumps into them and he gets involved in the tussle. Unknowingly, Preeto exposes Lalli and tells everyone that Lalli has tried to cheat Mahi. Veer and Mahi fight over the vadiyaan bag and Veer snatches the bag from Mahi and she falls upon him. A crying Preeto says that, “Veer di vayuti bani nahi eh pheli sautan ban gayi”. When Lalli, Nimrat and Veer fight over paying Mahi her pending money, Veer decide that he will go pay her. This irritates Preeto as she doesn’t like Deshveer with Mahi.

2. When Mahi becomes Deshveer's house help

Mahi cheats in an annual tournament and Deshveer loses the prize money. When Deshveer gets to know about Mahi’s trick, he heads to Mahi’s home and exposes her in front of her family. Mahi’s mother slaps her and her father apologises to Deshveer on her behalf. Rather than apologising, Mahi decides to become a servant to Veer’s family to win back her father’s respect. The next day when Mahi enters Deshveer’s house, Lalli gets angry seeing her. When Deshveer explains that she will be serving them for two days, Lalli gets happy as she can take her revenge on Mahi. Preeto gets angry thinking that Mahi always comes in between Deshveer and her. Preeto is certainly not happy with Mahi becoming their house servant.

3. When Preeto shares her fear about Veer and Mahi

Mahi is busy serving Veer’s family, but while cutting the grass, she gets lost in her thoughts and her hand is about to come under the blade. Then Deshveer appears and he pushes Mahi away. He shouts at Mahi for being so absent-minded. But Mahi is still the same, arrogantly thankless to Deshveer. Lalli and Preeto see all of this from their terrace and Preeto starts crying over Mahi and Deshveer’s closeness and their love-hate relationship. She tells Lalli that it seems that Deshveer will choose Mahi over her. And if he gets selected in the Army, then he will not get married at all. Looking at a disappointed Preeto, Lalli consoles and encourages her.

4. Preeto calls for trouble

Mahi accidentally loses Deshveer’s lucky shirt. Deshveer scolds Mahi for this and thus Mahi goes looking for his shirt. Mahi sees a person wearing it and she follows him along with Deshveer. It is revealed that the guy is a terrorist who is hiding with a group of other militants to plan something big in the village. Deshveer and Mahi are thinking of a way to nab them and suddenly, Preeto appears running from the farm. Preeto has actually got into trouble when a lecherous vegetable seller tried to molest her. She runs away from there and ends up at the same place where Deshveer and Mahi are stuck. Preeto decides to join the duo as she can’t stand Mahi and Deshveer together. Deshveer lies down so that the girls can take the support of his back and climb on the roof of the hideout. Preeto and Mahi get into an argument over who will go first. Deshveer scolds them over this silly issue. Thus, Preeto moves back and Mahi climbs on. This sequence perfectly shows the hatred and jealously Preeto has for Mahi.

5. When Preeto scolds Mahi for hurting Veer

Just before the day of Deshveer’s physical test, Mahi hurts Deshveer unknowingly. Mahi is on the roof of Deshveer’s home and she loses her balance and falls on Deshveer. He is trying to bring the dried chillies inside and when Mahi falls on him, he suffers an arm injury. Deshveer starts shouting at Mahi for this foolishness. Deshveer’s housemate comes out and they see what Mahi did to Veer. Nimrat tries to tell Deshveer that Mahi didn’t do anything on purpose. But Preeto cuts in and insults Mahi by calling her a prick and adding that she would have thrown her out of the house.

So these are the moments where Preeto got jealous by watching Deshveer and Mahi together. Do you get angry with Preeto or do you sympathise with her? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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