Kamli Ishq Di: 5 Moments That Prove How Brave Jashn Kohli’s Character Deshveer Is


May 14, 2020


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1. When Veer takes a bullet for his Army men

The Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di deals with Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher). They both are loyal, brave and can do anything for their country. Since Deshveer idolises Bhagat Singh, he dreams to sacrifice himself while serving the country. There are several moments when Deshveer proved his bravery, not only physically but emotionally too. So here we are with a list of such moments.

This episode started on a tense note. Militants are trying to get into the country and they have arrived with full preparation. However, they don’t know that they’re been hunted by brave soldiers of the Army. Deshveer leads a small team which fights against these terrorists and they manage to bring them down. But suddenly one of the militants fires and Deshveer takes the bullet. And then we see him falling down from his bed, waking up and realising that it was just a dream. Even though it is a dream sequence, we are introduced to Deshveer in the most heroic and dynamic way. You know that for his country, he is brave enough to die.

2. When Veer gets into a scuffle with a group of terrorists

When Mahi agrees to become the house help of Veer’s family, she misplaces Veer’s deceased father’s shirt. Veer considers it as his lucky shirt and when he finds out about it, he fights with Mahi. She feels guilty and starts looking for the shirt. Veer and Mahi see that a person is wearing the shirt and thus they decide to follow him. When they reach that person’s hideout, they realise that it is a den of terrorists who are planning something dangerous. Veer and Mahi hide there and somehow Preeto also reaches there. Veer manages to inform the cops and is brave enough to face the terrorists. Guess what? He is even brave enough to stand in front of a militant’s gun. The police arrive and the militants are arrested. Even the officials pat Veer’s back and praise his bravery.

3. When Veer fought with himself

Veer is so focused to join the force that he can fight with himself. Even his inner wounds and injuries can’t stop him from attaining his goal. In this episode, we see Veer flexing his muscles to perform at the physical test. However, Mahi unintentionally hurt Veer and thus he suffered a muscle pain. The next day at the physical test, Veer cleared the first two rounds of running and pull-ups, but in the third round, he fainted and fell down. Thus he lost the opportunity of achieving his dream. But the way Deshveer performed despite the pain is praise worthy.

4. Veer's fight with Lucky

Lucky likes Mahi and he tries to win her by any means. Even though Mahi always insults him, Lucky becomes a pile-on and keeps stalking her. One fine day, Lucky bumps into Mahi and tries his luck. He even tries to touch her. Veer, who was passing by, sees that Lucky is misbehaving with Mahi. He quickly goes and drags Lucky away from Mahi. Even though Mahi says that he did nothing, Veer and Lucky get into an ugly fight. Lucky warns Veer that he will teach him a lesson but Veer is not scared of him.

5. When Veer alerts Mahi

Veer and Mahi are not on talking terms and Veer has been forced to become Lucky’s bodyguard. Since Mahi has insulted Lucky multiple times, he wants to take revenge from Mahi. Lucky and Sundi make a plan against Mahi and Veer overhears it. Now, he wants to alert Mahi, but he can’t as she has blocked his number. Thus he decides to risk his job and reaches Mahi’s home. Earlier, Veer had even promised Mahi’s mother Asha that he won’t talk to Mahi. But now he risks it all and reaches there.

So these are the instances where the braveheart Deshveer wins over problems and our hearts over and over again. What is the best thing that you like about Deshveer? Let us know in the comment section.

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