Kamli Ishq Di: 5 Big Fights Between Veer And Mahi That You Need To Watch Out For


May 13, 2020


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1. The competition between Veer and Mahi

Who wants a normal, boring love story? If we have a made-for-each-other, cuddly couple, spending their happy-go-lucky life in their La La Land… it looks so boring. When we have the protagonists, the leading pair, on the opposite sides of an argument, when the couple is at loggerheads, tabhi maza aata hai na! Such are the Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di‘s Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher). Here we are with a list of their heated moments. Scroll down to read on:

After Lalli and Mahi have a rough fight and argument over money, Veer envies Mahi. During the annual sports competition Veer and Mahi’s families face each other for prize money. Both are very keen to win this competition. Mahi and Veer meet and warn each other to get ready to face the heat. Mahi taunts and makes fun of Veer. However, Veer plays well and defeats Mahi’s team twice. Later, Mahi cheats and her family wins the competition and she mocks Veer once again.

2. When Veer Exposes Mahi In Front Of Her Family

After losing the competition, Veer finds out that Mahi cheated and disguised as a man to play Kabbadi. Veer heads to Mahi’s house, where the victory is being celebrated. Veer’s makes an entrance and exposes Mahi’s tactics. He insults Mahi in front of her family. Her mother, Asha, even slaps her for acting so cheap. Mahi’s father asks Veer to forgive them and Veer consoles him, but Mahi jumps in and starts fighting with him. Mahi says that Veer purposefully insulted her in front of her family and there is no need to show sympathy now. Rather than being apologetic, Mahi says that she will become a servant of his house and prove her worth.

3. When Mahi Loses Veer's Lucky Shirt

Veer loves his deceased father’s shirt. Whenever he leaves for any important work, or for an important occasion, he wears that shirt. He believes that whenever he wears that shirt, his father and his blessings are with him. Due to some confusion with Mahi, Neelam exchanges that shirt for utensils. Mahi takes it casually at first. But when Veer finds out about his shirt, he starts hurling abuse at Mahi. Mahi gets upset over the fact that Veer fought with her for just a shirt. However, once she gets to know the story behind it, she feels guilty and decides to bring the shirt back.

4. When Mahi Spoiled Veer's Dream

Veer aspires to become an Indian Army soldier. He concentrates on his fitness and applies for a physical test. While he is exercising, Mahi steps in and that leads to Veer’s arm injury. Veer gets angry with Mahi and he warns her that if fails the test, then she will have to face the consequences. Mahi understands the importance of Veer’s dream. So she meets him the next day to apologise but Veer is not ready to listen and starts arguing with her again.

5. When Mahi Ignores Veer

Veer and Mahi have fought so many times about silly confusions. But now Mahi has blocked Veer’s number. Veer has become Lucky’s bodyguard and refused Mahi’s help straightaway. Now Veer learns that Lucky and Sundi are plotting against Mahi. Veer tries to meet Mahi, even though he has promised Asha that he will leave her alone. Veer goes to Mahi’s home and climbs up to her room, but Mahi insults him. Veer tries to explain things to Mahi, but she’s not in the mood to listen and just shuts the window on his face.

So these are the moments where you feel the heat between Mahi and Veer. Tell us your favourite fight scene between Veer and Mahi in the comments section below!

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