Kamli Ishq Di: 4 Reasons Why Nimrat Aka Nimmo Is The Ideal Sister We All Want


May 25, 2020


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1. She is Deshveer's secret-keeper

The Punjabi TV serial Kamli Ishq Di has proved that love can be defined in many ways. Deshveer (played by Jashn Kohli) is a loveable, brave guy. He has a golden heart, full of love. But only a few can understand or value his love. After his uncle Sukhdev, if anyone understands Deshveer, it is his cousin sister Nimrat aka Nimmo (played by Ritika). Here are the reasons which make her the ideal sister.

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Nimrat is best at one thing where our siblings fail, to keep our secrets hidden. Nimrat hides Deshveer’s deepest secrets and his plans and his dreams and feelings. She knows that her mother, Lalli (Kavita Sharma) would kill Deshveer’s dreams. Thus she tries to bury it deep within herself. Nimmo is not just a secret-keeper but she also knows how to spill out secrets from his brother Deshveer. He can’t hide things from Nimmo and thus always ends up sharing his thoughts with her.

2. The best motivator

Whenever Deshveer feels disheartened or lost, Nimmo comes in and motivates Deshveer to get back on track. Deshveer often gets into a dilemma and at that time Nimmo is the one who confronts her brother and pushes him enough to make the toughest decisions and fight the hardest battles. A sister like Nimmo is a blessing in disguise.

3. She is a peace maker

Another area where Nimmo shines is her attempt to maintain peace and sort out confusions. There are instances where Deshveer and Mahi misunderstand each other and start hating each other. At that time, Nimmo is the one who tries to bridge the gap and explains the other side of the story. Lalli and Preeto (Kamalpreet Nazm) are happy to see Deshveer and Mahi fighting, but Nimmo makes an effort to ensure that her brother, Deshveer isn’t considered wrong.

4. The perfect shield

Deshveer is strong and brave enough to face it all. But whenever Lalli attacks Deshveer with her sharp and hurtful comments, Nimmo is the one who puts an end to it. Lalli has mocked Deshveer as useless and what not, but Nimmo always takes a stand against her mother and tells her to mind her words.

So these are the reasons which make Nimrat aka Nimmo the ideal sister. Tell us the best thing about your sibling in the comment section below.

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