Kamali’s Lookalike Ambi, Govinda And Deal Rani Introduced In The Special Episode

In this episode, we see that a bunch of new characters have been introduced to the show.


September 14, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, there is a look-alike of Kamali who is dressed as a policewoman. This new character in the show is not only the opposite of Kamali but has come across as a strong personality that may or may not cross paths will Kamali. Meanwhile, Kamali asks Anika what she should do for her to stop giving Chandru the wrong medication. Kamali gets the least expected answer as Anika tells her that she has to do a very simple thing – sacrificing her love for the sake of Chandru.

In this episode, we see that a bunch of new characters have been introduced to the show. What makes this episode a must-watch is to see how two parallel stories come together to become one. We see that a new Ajji who calls herself Deal Rani is waiting for her granddaughter, Ambi, to come home as there are a man and woman who is waiting for her granddaughter to bring the Ganesha idol that they have asked for. While she is waiting for her, Deal Rani tells them that they must never doubt Ambi as she always keeps up her word. Just then, Ambi comes with her friend Govinda with the idol. What really takes the audience by surprise is that she looks like a mirror image of Kamali. We wonder if they are somehow related.

Kamali is in a fix

Meanwhile, Kamali is in the midst of a battle with Anika who is trying to destroy her relationship with Rishi so that she herself can get married to him. When he comes to their house, he sees Kamali crying and asks her why she looks so sad. Before she can say anything, Anika tells him that Kamali has been blaming her for everything that has happened and pretends to cry about the same. She also says that Chandru is her father and she cannot imagine causing any harm. Kamali is in a fix as she does not know how to fix this situation as Anika has told her to break off her relationship with Rishi.

On the other hand, Ambi and Govinda are trying to make easy money and have a light moment about the same. They tell Deal Rani that they need to make money so that they can become rich. She also calls Govinda her personal assistant and tells him to do as she says.

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