Kamali: Rishi Makes The Decision To Marry Kamali As Soon As Possible

Rishi goes back home and tells his parents that he has decided to get married to Kamali; Tara is taken aback


October 13, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, Ambi is overwhelmed by everything that has been written in the diary and decides to go back to their house to give the diary to Tara again. The same day, Shambu and Ningi decide that it is high time Rishi comes to know about the truth. Shambu goes to Rishi’s house and tells him everything that Anika has been doing. Rishi, furious with Anika, decides to go to their house and confronts her. Tara notices them talking and calls Anika to tell her that Shambu has come to their house. Meanwhile, Ambi manages to slip into their house without anyone noticing. She sees the size of the house and decides to explore it a little more before she can return the diary.

In this episode, Rishi confronts Anika and decides that he will marry Kamali as soon as possible at the temple that they have been visiting for many years now. Ajji is happy to hear the same while Anika leaves the room furious with the situation. They seek blessings from all the elder members who tell them that they will start making all the arrangements so that the wedding can take place successfully.

Later that day, Rishi and Kamali are alone in the room when she tells him that he did not have to come to their house and confront Anika about anything. She also says that she can protect herself and handle the situation singlehandedly. As Kamali is also scared that Anika might harm her father, she tells Rishi that she did not need his help. Rishi tells her that they have always been a team and have supported each other with whatever they have done. He also says that it is not wrong to take help from him and should have actually told him before she let it go this far.

Kamali and Rishi

Elsewhere, Ambi is trying to return Tara’s diary but is also exploring the house as she is fascinated by the size of it. She ends up in Rachana’s room and eats the food that has been kept for her. When Rachana sees the empty bowl, she asks her sister-in-law why she has kept an empty bowl in the room. They both suspect that someone else has eaten the same. Just then, Rishi comes home and announces to the entire family that he has decided to marry Kamali. Tara is taken aback by the same and goes against the decision taken by him.

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