Kamali Must Tell Rishi About Anika’s Plan To Seperate Them

Kamali must tell Rishi that Anika is causing harm to Chandru. Details inside.


September 28, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, Anika continues to treat Kamali as though she is her personal servant. She tells her to continue treating Rishi as though he does not matter if she wants to see Chandru alive. Kamali feels helpless and thinks of what she can do so as to protect her father and save her relationship with Rishi. When Kamali decides to confront Anika about the same, she asks her why she would do something of this sort to her own father and that it is not the right thing to do.

While Kamali is surely in a very difficult spot, Rishi is the most understanding person and a partner to Kamali which is why she must discreetly tell him what Anika has in mind. As we see, Rachana tells Kamali that she is aware of what Anika has been doing and acting in a distant manner with Rishi is all part of Anika’s plan. Kamali, afraid that Chandru’s life may be in danger, tells Rachana that there is nothing happening and she is overthinking the same.

However, what really highlights this particular episode is the fact that Rishi forgets everything that Kamali says to him in the past and decides to make peace with him. He also takes food for her and tells her that he has brought some tasty things to eat so that she can forget everything else. Kamali tears up as she does not know what to do when the love of her life is being as understanding as ever. Just as she is thinking what to do, Anika comes in to check on her and see if Kamali is doing anything that will put her reputation at risk.


Kamali must tell Rishi whatever has happened and the fact that Chandru’s life is in danger because of his own daughter Anika. This way, Rishi will not only be able to help Chandru get out of this situation but also help him get the required medication. Moreover, his relationship with Kamali will not be in danger and there will be no room for misunderstandings as there is at the moment. Rishi will also help Kamali find a way to remove Anika from the house as she is causing you much harm.

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