Kamali: Is Rishi And Kamali’s Relationship In Danger Because Of Anika?

Anika has taken her next step to ruin their relationship. Details inside.


September 22, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, Ambi and Rishi cross paths as she is running on the road and Rishi is driving the car. However, he does not see her face as it is covered and decides to move past her anyway. It is also discovered that Ambi is not really a policewoman but is into coning people in order to make easy money. She uses the help of her friend Govinda so that they can earn a living without really doing anything.

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Anika continues to treat Kamali as though she is her personal servant. She tells her to continue treating Rishi as though he does not matter if she wants to see Chandru alive. Kamali feels helpless and thinks of what she can do so as to protect her father and save her relationship with Rishi. When Kamali decides to confront Anika about the same, she asks her why she would do something of this sort to her own father and that it is not the right thing to do. In the presence of Urmila, Anika pushes Kamali down and tells her that she has no right to question her as she is living under her roof and must follow her rules. Just then, Ningi comes and takes Kamali away. They both talk about how things have become very bad and that Kamali’s relationship with Rishi is in danger.

Ambi, Govinda and Deal Rani

Elsewhere, Ambi and Govinda have stolen a bike and come home. Deal Rani tells Ambi how proud she is of her and that no one could do what she has done. Govinda tells her that Ambi was only able to do the same because she had his help or she could never have done it by herself. They all have a light moment wherein they tell him that he is only surviving in the world because of Ambi.

Rishi, on the other hand, tells his sister that he is very sad as Kamali spoke to him in a very rude manner. His sister consoles him to say that she must have been in a very bad mood because of everything that has happened with Chandru and Gowri. They have an emotional talk.

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