Kamali And Rishi’s Love Story Will Be Aired On June 1, 2020, And We Just Can’t Wait!

As their love story filled with obstacles will be aired from June 1, here are some of the moments that we can’t wait to see on screen!


May 29, 2020

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Well, the time has come for you to forget all the boredom you’ve been experiencing because of the lockdown as your favourite shows are going to be aired once again starting June 1, 2020. Speaking of the same, we can’t wait to see how Kamali and Rishi will move forward with their love story.

In last few episodes of Kamali,  Rishi, and Kamali save Chandru and Raghu who are trapped in a room that has been filled with smoke. It is also discovered that Anika is the one to cause all the smoke after she is confronted by her mother. Ajji also makes an announcement to tell them that Rishi and his family will be visiting their house the next day. When Urmila and Anika ask them what the occasion is, Ajji says that they have something important to talk about which is actually about Kamali and Rishi’s marriage. 

Tara, on the other hand, locks herself in the bedroom as she is furious with the fact that Rishi wants to marry Kamali. She tells Rohit and his wife that everyone is supporting Kamali who is a villager and does not meet their standard of living.

Well, where Kamali and her family is full of surprises, we can’t wait to see what Tara says to Ajji when the topic of Kamali and Rishi’s marriage comes up. Will Tara work towards getting Anika married to Rishi as she originally did? And will Rishi, who has never said a word against his mother, fight for his true love this time? We can’t wait to see this challenging love story on screen again!

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