Kamali: Ambi Meets Rishi’s Parents —Tara And Ramesh

Ambi stops Tara and Ramesh’s car so that she can con them


October 4, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, Anika continues to treat Kamali as though she is her personal servant. She tells her to continue treating Rishi as though he does not matter if she wants to see Chandru alive. Kamali feels helpless and thinks of what she can do so as to protect her father and save her relationship with Rishi.

In this episode, Anika continues to make Kamali’s life miserable by telling her to do certain chores at home. Kamali is still feeling bad about the fact that she has to keep her distance from Rishi even though she doesn’t want to at a time when she needs him the most. Anika also reminds her of the fact that Chandru’s life will be in danger if she tries to do anything smart and get close to Rishi. Kamali is in a fix and wonders what she can do to make this situation better.

Ambi, on the other hand, has made another plan to con people on the road. She goes with Govinda and makes him put some sharp nails on the road so that the vehicle that runs over it will get punctured and they will be able to get something out of it. Ambi also tells Govinda that they will have to be very patient while also working on expanding their con business. Just as they are talking, Tara and Ramesh are in the car and are talking to each other about the situation in Kamali’s house. They also talk about Rishi’s life wherein she thinks that Kamali is the wrong partner for Rishi.

Ambi and Govinda

As they are having the conversation, they run over the nails that are put on the road. The minute it gets punctured, Ambi and Govinda come to them while wearing a mask. Ramesh sees her and feels like he has seen this person somewhere but doesn’t quite realise that she resembles Kamali. As they pretend to fix his car, they take a bag that is in the backseat and run away. Tara and Ramesh realise that they have taken the bag that had Tara’s diary.

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