Kamali: 5 Key Points That You Must Take A Look At

Missed out on the details? Here’s what you need to know.


September 20, 2020


1 min


As we all know in the previous episodes of Kamali, Rishi and her have a romantic moment wherein she finally confesses her love to him. Anika tries to stop it from happening but she fails. However, she decides to destroy Kamali and her family using another way. Take a look at how things turn around for Kamali as a result of Anika’s actions.

One of the most sentimental scenes that you must catch is when Gowri is fighting for her life and she holds Kamali’s hand to tell her that they all have someone with whom they must share their life with.

She also says that Rishi is the perfect partner for her and she must fight to be with him. He has always taken care of her and will continue to do so. She also talks about how much she loves Chandru and he will always be in her heart. She tells Kamali to bring in Rishi and tells them that they must support each other at all times, good and bad.

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