Kamal Nath Regrets ‘Item’ Comment But Denies Disrespecting Women

The Congress leader said he was was regretful if he offended Imarti Devi by referring to her as an ‘item’, while justifying that the term is an often used one in politics

Raghav N

October 20, 2020

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Following the high-voltage drama that ensued after Congress leader Kamal Nath called BJP Madhya Pradesh (MP) Minister Imarti Devi an ‘item’, the ex-MP Chief Minister has made a U-turn. Nath said that he did not make a disrespectful statement and he is regretful if it was perceived that way by the opponent party.

He further added that he believes that all women should be respected. According to the politician, the word ‘item’ is used in political debates and speeches and was used by him as he couldn’t remember the candidate’s name at that moment while addressing the Dabra rally.

While Kamal Nath clarified his stand, the BJP is not keeping shut on this matter. MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan wrote a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi on the unacceptable remark by her party member towards a lady. However, Nath retaliated to this with a counter letter to the CM saying that his words have been twisted and made into a lie, as expected from the BJP.

Imarti Devi, though initially tearful while reacting to the derogatory jibe against her, soon regained her composure and expressed anger at the Congress veteran politician.

There has been widespread resentment after this incident with the state’s CM staging a silent protest. In Burhanpur, blacks flags were waved at Kamal Nath during his official visit there, while Bhopal demonstrators burnt effigies of the leader and the Congress party. When CM Chouhan broke his silence, he compared the Congress politician to the mythological characters of Duryodhan and Dushasan, who infamously insulted Draupadi in public.

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