Kalyana Vaibhogam Poll: Will Devipuram Be A Boon Or Bane For Jai And Manga?

In Kalyana Vaibhogam, Jai and Manga have decided to go to their hometown, Devipuram. But what about the troubles that are rooted in Devipuram?

Sneha Bale

October 11, 2019


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The Suyradevara family, of Kalyana Vaibhogam, were cursed by the high priest, decades ago for something blasphemous that they had done. This curse is specifically aimed at the death of the brides in the Suryadevara family. Five ladies, who were married into this family, passed away untimely and painfully. Now, the family’s legacy is in the hands of Jai and his wife Manga. The family celebrates each day because they believe that the curse ended with Jai’s ex-fiance’s death (Nithya). But it is only Nithya, who faked her death, and her mother Swaroopa know the truth.

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Manga smartly put to rest the news about her miscarriage and made the family happy again by confirming that her baby is alive and healthy. Of course, this move meant a step backwards for Nithya. How do you expect this psychotic woman to reel in the happiness of her twin sister when all she knows is envy. So, she used the high priest to send Manga into the land of death. Devipuram, the place of birth of the Suryadevara family and their curse, is the land of death for Manga.

Swaroopa in Kalyana Vaibhogam
Swaroopa in Kalyana Vaibhogam

Having fallen under the pressure by Nithya, Challammayya Shastri suggests that Jai and Manga celebrate the baby shower in their hometown. But what they do not know is this land still holds a grudge against the women of the Suryadevara family. Despite Swaroopa’s attempts, they seem hellbent on making their way to country roads.

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