Kalyana Vaibhogam: 6 Times You Will Be Glued To The Screen During 12 July 2019 Episode

Sneha Bale

July 12, 2019


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1. Calling 'Jai'

There are a few moments packed in the latest episode of the Telugu TV show Kalyana Vaibhogam that had us glued to the screen. Just like us, you too will find yourself gawking with wide eyes at these moments.

Take a look at the latest episode here:

The episode starts with Nithya, dressed as Manga, going into the bedroom and referring to Jai as Jai, again. Jai (played by VJ Sunny) looks up at her and says nothing. But Nithya realises her mistake and tells him that she understood that Jai does not like changes. Jai tells her that he doesn’t really care about how she calls him.

2. Eating with a spoon

At the dining table, Nithya continues to eat with a spoon. Manga eats with her hand and this something that Nithya wasn’t aware of. Everyone looks at her in confusion, but Chandrika and Prasad save the day by telling them that they insisted on Manga learning to eat with a spoon.

3. Calling Jeji 'Granny'

At one point, Nithya calls Jeji ‘granny’. Jai notices this and is shocked. He asks why she would call Jeji ‘granny’ and Nithya has no answers. But Jeji says that she can be called by whatever name they prefer.

4. Trying to grab moments with Jai

Throughout the day, Nithya tries to get closer to Jai and each time someone drags her out. Once it is Kalyani, who calls them for lunch. And then it’s Chary, who wanted to keep them away. And lastly, it is Chandrika and Prasad, who come to warn her to leave the house.

5. Swaroopa finds Nithya out

Soon after lunch, Swaroopa finds out that the girl in front of her is not Manga but Nithya. Tulasi calls Swaroopa post the heated argument in the temple and tells her that Nithya is inside the house and Manga is on the way home. Swaroopa tells Nithya that she will not win.

6. The power of attorney papers

Despite all of Nithya’s attempts, she is unable to find the power of attorney papers. Manga comes home and looks for Nithya, but her twin has successfully escaped from the house by then. At least, Manga finds the papers to be safe and hidden.

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