Kalyana Vaibhogam 24 September 2020 Written Update: Is Divya connecting the missing dots in Jai and Janaki’s relationship?

In today’s episode, Divya talks about her observation about the ring to Abhi. Watch the premiere episode of all TV shows on ZEE5 Club before TV!

Sneha Bale

September 23, 2020


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In this episode, Nithya sees Illayaraja and walks up to him in the park. He tries to have a small talk, but Nithya shuts up him and asks him to focus on the case. Nithya tells Illayaraja how she hates cops and this breaks his heart. He decides to focus on the case and not Nithya. Challammayya Shashtri asks Swami Ji the reason for the Akhandadeepam burning so feircly. Swami Ji simply tells him that the Fire God was celebrating the good things that are destined to happen soon. He mentions that some kids and a ring will take the story ahead. Wondering how? Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam the latest episodes to find out.

Janaki remembers how she has to pay the rent in a week, buy groceries and feed her family while she has almost run out of money. She looks at her bags and removes the gold ring from its box. She remembers how Peddayya told her about the ring, which could be a sign of her marriage or engagement. He asks her to keep it safe, but Janaki thinks of selling it to make sure her present life is not disturbed. Abhi and Divya see the ring and ask about it, but Janaki does not have anything to share. She tells them about selling it and walks away. Divya tells Abhi that she has seen it previously on Jai’s finger.

Janaki in Kalyana Vaibhogam
Janaki in Kalyana Vaibhogam (Source: ZEE5)

At the cost of being scolded by Abhi again, Divya tells him that maybe Jai and Janaki have a connection. She also reminds him about the photo frame with Manga’s photo in Jai’s house. They decide to find out if there is a connection. Kalpana serves breakfast to Chandrika and Prasad kindly, but they try to taunt her and then, they also ask for more variety. Prasad tells his wife that he does not care about what happens next with Nithya or Manga. He has given up on everything and now, will enjoy his life. But will Nithya let him stay at peace? Watch Kalyana Vaibhogam episodes before TV to know what happens next with them.

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Watch the premiere episode of all TV shows on ZEE5 Club before TV.

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