Kalyana Vaibhogam 24 December 2020 Written Update: Janaki feels nostalgic on wearing the sari given by Jai

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December 23, 2020



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In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Chandrika is shocked to learn that Prasad fainted for real. Prasad’s condition worsens as Jai goes to meet the kids. Meenakshi pretends to be sick and takes Janaki home. Jai is elated to meet Abhi and Divya and gives them new clothes. Chandrika and Prasad are overjoyed as Jeji decides to meet Janaki some other time.

Watch what will happen next on Kalyana Vaibhogam:

In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Divya excitedly shows the dresses that Jai gifted her and Abhi to Janaki. Janaki is overwhelmed to learn that Jai gifted her his wife’s sari. Since Abhi refuses to wear the clothes given by Jai, Janaki makes him realise that he is fortunate to get new clothes on his birthday. She orders him to wear those clothes in the evening.

Jai talks about the unique bond he shares with Abhi and Divya. Nithya gets annoyed for being ignored. Jai then plans to organize a birthday party for Abhi and Divya. Chandrika and Prasad hope that Jai doesn’t start believing that Abhi and Divya are his children.

Janaki feels nostalgic after wearing the sari given by Jai. Chandrika and Prasad try to convince Jai to drop the party idea but to no avail. They later speak to Nithya to show their support to her.

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