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Kalyana Vaibhogam 21 January 2022 Written Update: Abhi saves the kids


January 21, 2022

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Abhi saves the kids, while Anjaneyulu saves Janaki from the kidnapper. Chandrika and Prasad worry about Abhi seeing Divya. Watch the premiere episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Anjaneyulu devises a plan to divert the goons’ attention and help the kids escape. Kumar decides to help Anjaneyulu, but the plan is foiled. Later, Abhi saves Anjaneyulu from the goons.


In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Anjaneyulu tells Abhi about his plan. He also shows Abhi the kidnappers’ hideout. Abhi decides to save Kumar from the goons first. The gang leader believes that his goons killed Anjaneyulu and Kumar already. He then blackmails Janaki to go to another room, so he could assault her. Manga starts crying. Janaki is terrified thinking about what lies ahead as the goon holds her. The principal blames Prem for revealing their plan to the kidnapper.

Everyone sees a ray of hope as Abhi reaches the hideout with Anjaneyulu and Kumar. The principal informs them that the kidnapper took Janaki to another room. Abhi and Anjaneyulu break the door of the room but find Janaki missing. Meanwhile, Charukesha leads the principal and the kids out. Anjaneyulu takes the responsibility of saving Janaki and asks Abhi to be with the kids. Manga cries to see Janaki. Later, Abhi and Charukesha decide to help Anjaneyulu.

As Manga is inconsolable, everyone assures her that Abhi and Anjaneyulu will save Janaki. Anjaneyulu finds the kidnapper and warns him to leave Janaki alone. The kidnapper threatens to kill Anjaneyulu, who manages to escape with Janaki. Abhi beats up the kidnapper and decides to get his gang arrested. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Janaki gets onto the bus. The principal and Kumar praise Anjaneyulu. Chandrika and Prasad get annoyed as Sesi worries for the kids. Sesi turns furious when Chandrika and Prasad compare her kids to Swapna. Later, the kids return home, much to Sesi’s relief. When the kids inform everyone that Abhi saved them, Chandrika and Prasad panic assuming that Abhi may have seen Divya.


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