Kalyana Vaibhogam 17 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Divya dresses up like Nithya

Ilayaraja tells Divya that he suspects Nithya has kidnapped Sesi. As per his plan to confirm the same, Divya dresses up like Nithya and arrives at her house.


September 15, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the next episode, Divya asks Ilayaraja who could have kidnapped Sesi. Ilayaraja tells Divya and Charukesha that it is Nithya who got Sesi kidnapped. Divya gets angry and decides to confront Nithya. Ilayaraja stops her and says that it is only his suspicion and he’s not sure about it. When Divya asks him how they can confirm Nithya to be the culprit, Ilayaraja gives her a plan for it. Later that night, Divya dresses up like Nithya and goes to her house. While Ilayaraja and Aakhella are having a conversation, Divya enters the house and Aakhella assumes that she is Nithya. Will Divya be able to rescue Sesi?

In the previous episodes, we saw how Prasad and Chandrika had hired a man to kidnap Sesi. After Sesi was found missing, they met the man, who told them that someone else abducted Sesi before he could. Chanakya accused Abhi of hiding Sesi, but as he denied it, they almost got into another fight. Meanwhile, Aakhella congratulated Nithya for succeeding in her plan to kidnap Sesi, but Nithya says that she has no idea about it and did not plan anything. She then ordered Aakhella to find out who the culprit it. Charukesha questioned Abhi for kidnapping Sesi which would lead to more complications. Abhi got angry and told him that it wasn’t him who hid Sesi. Later, Divya and Charukesha went to Nithya’s house to confront her, but Nithya denied kidnapping Sesi. Ilayaraja told them that Nithya is innocent in this matter. Elsewhere, Sesi managed to untie herself and tried to escape from the place where she is trapped.


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