Kalyana Vaibhogam 15 January 2021 Written Update: Chari learns about Jai and Ilayaraja’s plan

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January 14, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, while Manga is watering the plants, Chari returns home and sees Manga, but Meenakshi diverts him. Jai pretends to be angered as Manga is not coming back to him and declares that he will divorce her. Furthermore, he tells Chandrika and Prasad that he wishes to marry Swapna in 3-4 days, and they get overjoyed.

Watch what will happen next on Kalyana Vaibhogam:

In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Jeji hurries Nithya to come home and change Jai’s mind. Enraged about Jai wanting to marry Swapna, Nithya calls Chandrika, who gets scared. Feeling courageous, an overconfident Prasad answers her call and talks arrogantly. As he cuts the call, Chandrika gets stunned to see his changed attitude.

Meanwhile, a frantic Chari refuses to let Jai marry Swapna and gets angry as ACP Ilayaraja congratulates Jai. Ilayaraja and Jai tell Chari about their plan to create disputes between Prasad, Chandrika and Nithya to find out where Manga is. Jai assures Chari that he will never abandon Manga and asks him to pretend that he doesn’t know about the plan. When an enraged Nithya arrives at Jai’s house, Jeji and Kalpana ask her to change Jai’s decision. Nithya confronts Jai for stopping his search for Manga and wanting to marry Swapna.

Jai remains adamant and says that he and Nithya will never be compatible. Nithya gets infuriated as Jai has chosen Swapna over her. Chari asks Jai what he would do if Manga returns before the wedding. Chandrika and Prasad get shocked as Jai replies that he will accept Manga and cancel his marriage with Swapna. They then head outside to hide Manga so Jai doesn’t find her until the wedding is over. The ACP and Swami follow them.

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