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Kalyana Vaibhogam 05 February 2022 Upcoming Story: Prem plots against Anjaneyulu


February 3, 2022

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An envious Prem devises a plan to create a dispute between Anjaneyulu and Janaki. Will he succeed? To know more, watch the premiere episodes of Kalyana Vaibhogam serial on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Prem tells Kumar that he miscalculated Anjaneyulu’s moves and decides to correct his mistake. Kumar gets worried as Prem plans to create disputes between Janaki and Anjaneyulu to separate them. When Anjaneyulu comes there, Prem shows his plant with newly bloomed flowers and tells him that the flowers wish to be with Janaki. As Anjaneyulu wonders why Janaki should have them, Prem lies to him that Janaki had wished to take the first flower that bloomed. Believing his words, Anjaneyulu cuts the flower and approaches Janaki with it. How will Janaki react?

In the previous episodes, we saw how Kumar asked Anjaneyulu to look into Janaki’s eyes to confirm whether he loves her. Later, Janaki sent Manga to Abhi’s house and asked Anjaneyulu to be with her until Manga returned. Anjaneyulu hesitantly asked Janaki to define love and was surprised to realise that he is feeling everything that Janaki defines. Noticing Anjaneyulu lost in thoughts, Janaki asked him if he has fallen in love with any of his colleagues, but Anjaneyulu denied it. When Janaki got emotional upon seeing Abhi’s family on a video call, Anjaneyulu assumed that he hurt Janaki and tried to console her. As Janaki asked him to leave her alone, he reluctantly does so. While Manga fell asleep at Abhi’s house, Charukesha contacted Anjaneyulu and asked him to keep Janaki company at night. Anjaneyulu noticed that Janaki fell asleep without shutting the door of her house. He decided not to disturb her and stayed by her side all night, feeling extremely special for being able to do so. The next morning, Kumar told the principal and Prem that Janaki and Anjaneyulu like each other, leaving them shocked.


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