Kalyana Vaibhogam 04 September 2021 Written Update: Nithya decides to get intimate with Ilayaraja

Nithya ends up drinking the spiked milk and decides to get intimate with Ilayaraja, which worries Aakhella.


September 7, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Nithya gets angry at Ilayaraja for decorating her room. She plans to give him some spiked milk to get rid of him. Chanakya becomes suspicious as Divya tries to get intimate with him.


In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Ilayaraja secretly switches off the light and discards the spiked milk given to him by Aakhella. Aakhella rejoices assuming that Ilayaraja drank the milk. Ilayaraja decides to give spiked milk to Nithya, who underestimates Ilayaraja and drinks the milk without any second thoughts, which worries Aakhella. Ilayaraja is delighted as Nithya drinks the milk. Meanwhile, Chanakya lies to Divya about going to the washroom. Divya makes Chanakya insult himself. Later, she tries to induce him into getting intimate with her, which worries Chanakya.


Chanakya fears losing his control when Divya starts having a romantic conversation with him. He doesn’t allow her to turn off the light. Chanakya tries to sleep early so that he can avoid getting intimate with Divya, who keeps him awake. Chanakya finds the aroma of the Jasmines in Divya’s hair disturbing. He confronts Divya for her strange behaviour and warns her against tricking him into getting intimate with her. Chanakya plans to sleep on the floor to avoid Divya, who doesn’t let him do so. At Nithya’s house, Aakhella wonders how Ilayaraja managed to stay awake despite drinking the milk spiked with sleeping pills. Nithya starts behaving strangely, which worries Aakhella. Nithya dances to a romantic song with Ilayaraja, shocking Aakhella.


Ilayaraja reveals to Aakhella that Nithya drank the spiked milk and not him. He also reveals how he foiled Aakhella’s plan. Aakhella accuses Ilayaraja, but Nithya warns Aakhella against badmouthing Ilayaraja. She accepts Ilayaraja’s love and showers him with praises. Nithya then takes Ilayaraja to her room. She gives a warning to Aakhella when he tries to stop her. Later, Sesi goes to Abhi’s room, leaving him worried. They then have an emotional conversation. Prasad sees Sesi going to Abhi’s room and excitedly informs Chandrika about it. They eagerly await another fight between Abhi and Chanakya. Prasad calls up Chanakya and tells him about Sesi going to Abhi’s room. An angered Chanakya rushes to Abhi’s room. Charukesha makes a futile attempt to stop him.


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