Kalyana Vaibhogam 02 September 2021 Written Update: A fight breaks out between Abhi and Chanakya

Chanakya falsely accuses Abhi upon seeing him hug Sesi and a fight breaks out between the two.


September 2, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, we saw how Chanakya pretended to torture Divya and had a war of words with Abhi. Jeji feared the consequences of Chanakya’s fury. Charukesha pleaded with Abhi to marry Sesi and put an end to all the issues. Meanwhile, Ilayaraja hanged a photo frame with his and Nithya’s old photos on the wall.


In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Nithya tells Ilayaraja that he will never be able to win her heart. Ilayaraja takes it as a challenge and vows to continue to impress her. Nithya gets irritated when he talks about getting romantic with her. Charukesha gets tensed when he sees Abhi going to Sesi’s room. He fears Chanakya seeing this. Sesi tells Abhi that his actions leave her no choice but to get angry. Abhi apologises to Sesi, who pleads him to tell her the reason for not marrying her since she cannot give an explanation to Chanakya to keep him calm. Abhi refrains from telling the truth to Sesi and asks her to be patient. He asks her to return to her house with Chanakya and Divya, but she tells him that she cannot defy Chanakya.


Charukesha panics upon seeing Chanakya come towards Sesi’s room. In an attempt to divert Chanakya, Charukesha makes him even more suspicious. Chanakya creates a scene upon finding Abhi in Sesi’s room. Chandrika and Prasad eagerly await a serious fight between Chanakya and Abhi. Chanakya confronts Abhi in front of everyone. When Abhi explains that he went to Sesi’s room to apologise to her, Chanakya badmouths him. Abhi holds Chanakya’s collar when he falsely accuses him. Divya tries to tell Chanakya not to interfere in Abhi and Sesi’s personal space. Later, Chanakya confronts Abhi for hugging Sesi. Everyone pleads with Chanakya to not misunderstand Abhi’s actions, but he doesn’t budge. Chanakya threatens to kill Divya if she comes in the way of putting Abhi in his place. This infuriates Abhi and a fight breaks out between him and Chanakya.


Everyone tries to stop Abhi and Chanakya from fighting but to no avail. Later, Charukesha manages to take Chanakya to another room, thereby stopping the fight. Divya and Charukesha confront Chanakya for fighting with Abhi instead of acknowledging the fact that he is getting closer to Sesi. They explain to Chanakya that there are more chances of Abhi marrying Sesi soon if he lets them get closer. Divya becomes frustrated as Chanakya doesn’t understand her perspective. Charukesha asks Divya to return to Chanakya’s house but she declines. Later, she comes up with a plan to make Chanakya do as she says. Jeji and Kalpana ask Abhi the reason for not marrying Sesi. They feel bad for him as he is in a situation where he cannot tell anyone the truth.


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