KALI PUJO SPECIAL: Try Out Elar Char Adhyay Star Paoli Dam’s Easy Make-Up Look

Get your make-up on point with this easy decode and celebrate Diwali in style.

Promita Mukherjee

October 24, 2019


4 min


Wardrobe for Kali Pujo sorted? Now it’s time to reach out for your make-up box. We got you expert help to get your make-up right! After all, the selfies need to be perfect, right? The right make-up will make the outfit. Wondering what to do? Why not copy Elar Char Adhyay star Paoli Dam’s easy make-up here this Diwali and Kojagori Laxmi Puja? We got make-up artist Deepti Mohinder to decode it for you. Scroll down for details.


Cleanse the skin with a gentle everyday cleanser and moisturise well. Follow up by gently patting an under-eye moisturiser. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub and use a hydrating lip balm. Liquid illuminators work best for soft shine, so apply it on your cheekbones and for the rest of the face, use a mattifying primer or pore minimiser.

Paoli Dam (Source: Instagram)


Choosing the right colour foundation is key to this look. So select a colour that is closest to your skin. Apply the foundation with a beauty blender or a foundation brush. Conceal your flaws using the colour-correction technique. For example, orange works best for warm and olive skin tones. Later apply a skin-toned concealer which is thicker in texture for full coverage. Use a cream contour to lightly contour the cheekbones and under the jaw for definition. It should be well blended with only the shadow visible instead of a stark contour. Use a cream-based blush on the apple of your cheeks. Blend well towards the hairline. Complete the base using a translucent powder. For the perfect rosy cheeks, use a powdered blush and soft gold highlighter for the dewy skin on top of your cheekbones and T-zone.


Applying primer to your eyelids before you begin will make your look last even longer and it would also prevent the colours from running. Use a natural-toned eyeshadow in matte and apply the colour from the lid until the socket or crease line. Blend outwards to form a defined crease line. With a flat application brush, place turquoise eyeshadow all over your lids. Use a blending brush with some light brown eyeshadow to blend the outer edges of the turquoise eyeshadow. That will help prevent the turquoise from looking too stark against your skin. It will also add a little more complexity to the look. After you have finished blending, you will need to deepen the turquoise eyeshadow by applying a darker shade of turquoise over the light turquoise areas. Adding a bit of black eyeliner will help define your eyes and make this look a bit more dramatic. Apply a thin line of black eyeliner on your upper lash line and a thin line of kajal on your water line. One can soften the lower lash line by using the same turquoise colour on the lower lash line as well. Complete the eye make-up by curling the lashes and applying mascara.

Paoli Dam (Source: Instagram)


Outline your lips with a soft nude colour. Fill them with the same lip liner and finish by using a cream-based lipstick. Set the make-up with a setting spray.

For more entertainment, watch Paoli Dam in Hoichoi on ZEE5.

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