Kabani Weekly Update 02-07 March 2020: Menaka Tries To Brainwash Devaranjini

Previously on Kabani, Menaka and Rambha offer help to Manikandan’s parents at the hospital.

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March 9, 2020


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Previously on Kabani, Menaka tries to influence the college principal to make Kabani quit the position of the college chairman. Kabani asks Menaka to leave the room when the principal tells her that the decision is entirely up to her. Menaka is infuriated when the principal asks her to leave the room and tells him that he is favouring Kabani for no reason.

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Ganeshan tries to console Rishi
Ganeshan tries to console Rishi

Ganeshan and the principal meet Rishi to console him about the arrest. They tell him that things will turn out for the best and asks him to stay optimistic.

Rambha and Menaka meets Manikandan's parents
Rambha and Menaka meets Manikandan’s parents

Meanwhile, Menaka and Rambha meets Manikandan’s parents and offer to help with his treatment. The evil duo is embarrassed when Manikandan’s parents tell them that they are only making a decision after consulting with Kabani.

Manikandan's doctor asks Menaka to leave
Manikandan’s doctor asks Menaka to leave

Padmini yells at Menaka when she demeans Kabani in front of the doctor. The doctor gets irritated by the commotion and asks Menaka to leave. Kabani makes the doctor promise that he won’t make a decision on Manikandan’s case without consulting with her and his parents. Kabani asks Rambha and Menaka to leave the hospital as they continue to yell at her in the hospital. Kabani promises Manikandan’s parents that she is not going to leave him.

Sanjana argues with Menaka and Rambha'
Sanjana argues with Menaka and Rambha’

Sanjana argues with Menaka for trying to hurt Kabani by brainwashing Devaranjini. Shekar tries to console Devaranjini but she tells him that she is willing to take any measure against Kabani to save Rishi.

Rishi argues with Menaka
Rishi argues with Menaka

Devaranjini argues with Rishi as he tells her that Rambha and Menaka are not here at Indrapuri with good intentions. Menaka tells him that they are only here to help him, but Rishi admits that he fired at Manikandan. He tells Rambha that he will be the accused if the police are not able to prove that the gun wasn’t changed backstage.

Nitya asks Rishi to talk to Kabani
Nitya asks Rishi to talk to Kabani

Ganeshan tells Padmini and Kabani that he had a conversation with Rishi about the investigation. Kabani is disheartened when Ganeshan informs her that Rishi is discontinuing his job as a professor in her college. Nitya asks Rishi to talk with Kabani and to find a solution for his problems. She tells him that their fight is based only on assumptions and misconceptions that can be solved if they are talking to each other.

Rambha tries to brainwash Rishi
Rambha tries to brainwash Rishi

Kabani asks Rishi to take his coat back as they are ending their relationship. He tries to console her and make her understand but she stops him. Later on, Rambha tries to brainwash Rishi but he tells her about his suspicions on her motives. Rambha gets scared when a Police officer consults with Menaka about how the bullet that hit Manikandan can be traced back to its original owner. Menaka consoles Rambha and tells her that she will save her if she gets arrested.

Menaka bribes Chemban
Menaka bribes Chemban

Radhika tries to console Rishi as she finds him disturbed by the events around him. He tells her about losing Kabani and his feelings for her. Menaka offers cash to Chemban so that he will keep Rambha’s name under wraps if he were to be interrogated by police. Will Rishi be able to prove his innocence? Stay tuned to find out!

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