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Kaagaz: 6 Scenes In The Film That Had Satish Kaushik’s Signature Humour Come To Life

Vatsal Thakore

January 25, 2021

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We list down best scenes from Kaagaz that bring out Satish Kaushik’s signature humour.

Satish Kaushik is a talented actor and director. He has been known to play comic roles in Bollywood films. All those roles had the signature quality of Satish Kaushik, that extracted jokes from the simplest of situations. Some of those comic scenes of him can be seen in the movies like Haseena Maan Jaayegi, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai, and Badhai Ho Badhai. When he directed Kaagaz, he instilled that style in the satirical humour. Here are six scenes from Kaagaz that give us a hint of Satish Kaushik’s signature humour style.

Meeting the Lekhpal

When Bharat Lal goes to meet the Lekhpal to collect the papers of his land, he recognizes that the lekhpal is his friend from his school. Forgetting where he is, he starts speaking about the memories of school, and how the lekhpal used to get punished. This conversation and when the lekhpal says that Bharat is dead creates a hilarious situation.

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The Condolence Meet

Bharat Lal organizes his own condolence meet because he has died on paper. The people’s reactions and the whole scene creates a funny situation. Also, dialogues like, “Kaagaz pe mare hai, isliye toh kaagaz ke phool laaye hain,” and “taaza taaza mare the, uth ke chal diye,” reflect Satish Kaushik’s style of humour.

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Bharat Lal approaches Sadhuram Kevat (Satish Kaushik), the lawyer who is expert in handling cases of people who have been falsely declared dead, to get help. Sadhuram asks him for fees which Bharat Lal gives. With these fees, Sadhuram pays his canteen dues and orders a ‘mutton-do-pyaaza’. Seeing the satire arise, the canteen’s head says, “Mutton-do-pyaaza la, Sadhuram ko bakra mil gaya!”

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Bharat Lal’s wife praying

To get proof of his living, Bharat Lal decides to commit a crime and get arrested. When he is about to leave for the police station, a satirical situation arises which makes us laugh. His wife, in all seriousness, is worshipping God and praying to him that her husband should get arrested.

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Filing an FIR

When he reaches the police station, he starts rolling on the floor, crying (ROFC, if you will), like a little kid. This, to show his desperation to get arrested to file an FIR. His actions make it a funny situation for everyone.

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Court Scene

When Bharat Lal is arguing with the judge in the court, he starts saying things that would have gotten him in trouble. When the judge leaves, Sadhuram approaches Bharat and says that he should not have said these things. Bharat Lal then says that this was all his plan. Hearing this, Sadhuram joins his hand and bows to him, on his genius. That was a hilarious situation when a common man outsmarted a lawyer and the lawyer bowed to his intellect.

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