Judgement Day Teaser: Sohini Sarkar, Madhumita Sarcar’s Series Is Gritty To Say The Least

Starring Sohini Sarkar and Madhumita Sarcar in the lead roles, the web series revolves around the lives of two sisters of whom one gets gang-raped.

Aayushi Sharma

January 24, 2020


2 min


Judgement Day is an upcoming thriller set to premiere on ZEE5. The web series circles around the lives of two sisters, one of whom get gang-raped. Starring Sohini Sarkar and Madhumita Sarcar in the lead roles, the story revolves around two sisters from North Bengal, Diya and Hiya. During her visit to Kolkata, Hiya gets raped and her advocate sister Diya takes it upon herself to punish the culprits. The teaser of the digital drama was recently dropped and boy, it is intriguing to say the very least.

The video clip begins with Madhumita as a rockstar singer. In a series of scenes, she is shown hanging out with someone who appears to be as her boyfriend. Later, we see a police officer revealing that Hiya (played by Madhumita) has been raped by a group of men. Her sister Diya (Sohini) takes it upon herself to seek justice. Packed with gritty, nail-biting and moving scenes, the teaser gives a fair idea of the dark underbelly of crime and rape cases that exists in India. Will Diya be able to punish Hiya’s rapists? Is there more than what meets the eye? Catch the teaser here:

Judgement Day comes right after edge-of-the-seat thrillers released by ZEE5 including The Chargesheet, Code M and Kark Rogue. The series will be streaming in Hindi and Bengali, both the languages. Abhishek Singh and Arpan Ghoshal shall also be seen in this series that premieres on 5 February 2020.

What are your thoughts about Judgement Day? Are you excited to watch it? Tell us in the comments box below.

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