Jothe Jotheyali Written Update 15 October 2020: Arya And Anu Have A Discussion

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October 14, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu tells the peon that she will take the tea for Arya. As Meera and Jhende are present there, Meera tells her that she has already come late and that she should go do her work instead of giving him tea. Meera is about to take the cup to give it to Arya herself when Anu takes it before that and tells her that she doesn’t need to take the cup of tea when she herself can do it. Anu takes the cup and goes to give Arya the cup.

In this episode, Anu talks to Arya about how their schedules are different and that it should remain that way as they have different responsibilities in the company. While Arya is busier and needs to take care of the more important issues in hand, Anu takes care of a particular department that is a large part of the entire company. They also decide to meet each other whenever they have free time in hand. Arya thanks Anu for making life so simple and beautiful to which Anu says that it is the third time that he is thanking her. They also tease each other about how many times Anu says sorry is just the same number of times that Arya says thank you. They have a light moment about the same.

Elsewhere, Pushpa is talking to Subbu about how he must eat vegetables as they are healthy and will help him become stronger after everything that has happened. They also talk about Anu and the possibility of her having met someone. Pushpa also says that Anu always uses Arya’s name whenever she comes back home late and mentions the fact that she cannot keep using his name so that they do not ask her any further questions. Moreover, they discuss the fact that they have to talk to Anu about her marriage as they must know what kind of man that suits her best.

Pushpa and Subbu

Meera comes to Arya’s cabin that she has changed his schedule a little bit wherein she has made all his schedules free post 5 pm as that is the time that Anu leaves the office. Arya, in a sarcastic tone, tells her that she has planned his schedule very well so that Anu and he don’t get time to spend with each other. He also says that Anu has already left the office and has also messaged him about the same. He also tells her that he will give her an award for all the attempts that she makes to keep them apart as she will always fail.

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