Jothe Jotheyali: Will Sharada Devi Be The One To Bring Anu And Arya Close Again

As Sharada Devi and Anu come closer, she might play a key role in getting them back together.


July 31, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we see that Arya is walking up and down in his office as Anu has not shown up at the office the next day. Just then Jhende comes in and asks him why he is so worried to which Arya asks him if Anu had given any sort of leave letter informing them that she will not be coming into the office. The two of them start arguing when Jhende tells him that he should never have given her such responsibilities at such a young age.

In this episode, we see that Sharada Devi leaves jewellery for Anu to wear on a special occasion. Anu also calls her and tells her that it is gold which means it is very expensive and she shouldn’t have given it to her. Sharada Devi tells her that she deserves it as she has worked very hard in the office and it was a desire for her to give her that set. Pushpa and Anu also talk about it and what Subbu will say about the same. Pushpa tells her that she mustn’t worry about Subbu as she will talk to him and persuade him to let them keep the jewels. Pushpa also tells her that just wearing that set will be enough and she could wear it for her wedding. Anu expresses her concern and tells her that even on the day she met Sharada Devi in the temple, she was gifted a silk saree and so happens that she has given her many gifts.

Pushpa is delighted
Pushpa is delighted

Elsewhere, Arya is still angry that Anu did not come to the office. While he is on his way back home, Sharada Devi calls him to tell him that Anu could not come to the office as she had gone to meet her and give her the jewels. Before she can even say anything, Arya hears her take Anu’s name and tells her not to talk about her at all. Sharada Devi also wonders why she has such an attachment towards Anu as she is only Arya’s employee and nothing else.

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