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Jothe Jotheyali: Incidents From The Show Which Prove Meera Is Not The Ideal Boss To Anu


June 29, 2020

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As a boss, Meera has always disregarded Anu and has not supported her at any point. What is the reason?

As we all know, there has always been a communication gap between Anu and Meera of Jothe Jotheyali. However, Meera’s dislike for Anu began when Anu and Arya started getting closer. Meera always felt like Arya had found a replacement and a new favourite which was not acceptable to her at any level. As an immediate boss to her, she made sure that Anu’s professional life was never at peace and so, she tried everything to make her miserable.

From the start, Meera has always given her extra work, and more than she should be dealing with. However, Anu has always proved herself by completing every task that Meera has ever given her. She has also outdone herself by providing the company with fresh ideas to take their business forward thereby impressing Arya.

When Meera Makes Anu Wear Heels
A still of Anu and Meera

While Anu has always been hardworking, Meera has thought of her as someone who is lazy and takes advantage of knowing Arya on a personal level. Even when Anu took 2 weeks off from work to concentrate on her studies, Meera told her that she will have to do 14 days worth of work that she missed out on, in a day, and submit it to her. Anu however took it up as a challenge and completed her work, within the set deadline.

Additionally, Meera has never given Anu opportunities to reach her potential even though the latter has actually contributed a lot to the business. She does not trust her and takes out her personal vendetta on Anu at all times.

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