Jothe Jotheyali December 5 2019 Written Update: Arya aplogises to Anu

Arya feels guilty for having treated Anu in a bad way and apologises to her


December 5, 2019

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu tries to seek help from Arya, but he picks up a fight instead. Anu moves on to finding other ways of doing her research. At home, Anu’s parents tell her to seek help from Arya for any work-related matters.

In this episode, Arya seems to be vexed. He asks Meera where the research team has gone for their research but she doesn’t know. He looks absolutely troubled. Meanwhile, Anu is making the best of her time and working out the survey. She calls her father and tells him that he’s saree shop will be a part of the survey, too and go to his shop.

At the shop, her father explains the kind of sarees and materials to help Anu for her survey. However, they disclose to the team that the shop belongs to Anu’s father. The survey team, too, appreciates Anu’s father’s saree shop and also wish to buy sarees from there. Arya is still worried sick about where the survey team is. Jhende tells him to call Anu’s mother and ask where they have gone. Having called her, Anu’s mother asks Arya if anything is wrong between the two of them. Arya doesn’t say anything but just asks her where Anu is. The survey team discusses the success of the saree shop and also talk about how well Anu’s father explained about the sarees. She finally reveals that the shop is owned by her father.

A still from the episode
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Arya decided to go meet Anu but Jhende tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen. This is when he meets Anu on the road and apologises to her. But she doesn’t listen to him and takes an auto and goes. Just then, someone takes a video of the two. Arya gets into the auto with Anu and the two try to sort it out.

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