Jothe Jotheyali: 5 Reasons Why Mansi Is The Ultimate Entertainer In The Show!


June 17, 2020

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We are sure you all remember Mansi and Harsha from Jothe Jotheyali. Mansi is Arya’s sister-in-law and Harsha’s wife. While her screen presence can be quite repelling due to her character, here’s why she brings a lot to the table to keep the show going! Take a look.

Mansi adds the element of drama to the narrative. When it comes to Arya’s humongous lifeless house, it is Mansi and her issues with Sharada that actually stand to entertain you. Mansi always has an issue with the fact that Sharada loves Arya more than Harsha. She uses this as a trigger point to create a rift between Harsha and his mother.


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While you begin to develop a hatred towards Mansi, you also see her struggle with Harsha who always indulges in different businesses without even succeeding in any of them. The viewer tends to empathise with Mansi who is in a fix between wanting her husband to create a name for himself as opposed to depending on her brother-in-law for help.

Class Conflict

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Through Mansi’s character, we able to make a clear distinction between Anu and Arya’s family mainly defined by their financial status. Mansi tends to bring it up with Arya time and again to ask him why he even allows her into the office when she does not match their status. The issue of class-difference is interestingly addressed through Mansi.


Neel visits Arya's house

Mansi can also be called the trouble maker keeping in mind the day she brings in Neel. She introduces Neel to Arya and the rest of the company. However, it turns out that Neel has collaborated with Jhalander to provide information about Arya to him. If Neel hadn’t been introduced by Mansi at all, he might not have had the chance to enter the office. 

Ideal Wife

Mansi and Harsha take up meditation

What really makes Mansi’s character special and empathetic is her love for Harsha. While we always see her irritated with Sharada or conspiring against Arya, we see another angle to her as she expresses her softer and loving side to Harsha. We see how much she cares for her husband and her readiness to go to any extent to help him get better at his job.

Tell us what you think about Mansi and catch all the episodes of Jothe Jotheyali exclusively on ZEE5!

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