Jothe Jotheyali: 3 Mistakes That Anu Made With Regard To Her Situation With Arya

Here are some of the mistakes that Anu made which she must focus on fixing.


June 27, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we see that Arya decides to express his love for Anu. He is nervous and wonders about how her reaction will be once he tells her. He sits alone and smiles to himself thinking how blessed he is to have met her while also reminiscing about moments that he has had with her. Anu finally comes to meet Arya but tells him that they should maintain distance and that it is better she finds herself another job so that they will not have to be in contact. Although Anu says this with a very heart, she makes certain mistakes that she should have not been committed.

Firstly, as Arya is the one who calls her to meet him, she should have waited to see what he had to say to her. In the whole conversation, she does not allow him to say anything or even participate. Anu tells him that she has thought a lot about it and has finally decided to quit the job.

Speaking of quitting, another mistake Anu makes is deciding to leave the job. This is not the first time she has thought of doing so. As a mature adult, she must realise that life will throw problems at her and she will have to face it. If she is in love with Arya, she needs to accept the same and be prepared to face the problems that will come with it instead of always thinking of quitting the job and ending her relationship with Arya.

Arya waits for Anu

Lastly, Anu should have given herself more time to process everything that has happened and have faith that Arya would fix such professional problems without making them personal and deciding to leave the company.

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